Gammon joint 1kg £3.39 @ Lidl

Gammon joint 1kg £3.39 @ Lidl

Found 19th Dec 2010
Gammon joint 1kg £3.39 @ Lidl


good deal

yum yum

If you want something slightly bigger then ALDI had a 2kg for £6.99 and a £1.4kg for £4.99, it was really nice when we had one.

Will probably pick one of these up as an emergency backup though in case we cannot make it to my parents for Christmas day

Horrrrr - straight out of the pan, into a sandwich with red sauce on while it's still steaming.

None at mine must av been too late will again. ta heat

Anybody remember the tesco deal on gammon at christmas last year or year before ? now that was a good deal 2 gammon joints for about £2 i think a misprice.
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