Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette - 29.95 @ IWOOT ! **SAVE £20**
Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette - 29.95 @ IWOOT ! **SAVE £20**

Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette - 29.95 @ IWOOT ! **SAVE £20**

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This is my first post so hopefully it's done right I think this is a bargain considering I paid 50 pounds awhile back for it. Great for giving up smoking gradually! Heres the description from the site. This offer is only on for 2 days!

We're now all fortunate enough to live in a more or less smoke-free environment, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone has managed to kick the weed. Well now thanks to some 21st century gadgetry, you can smoke without smoking. Mad as it sounds, someone has invented an electronic cigarette. It looks like a cigarette, it tastes like a cigarette, it smokes like a cigarette, but it isn't a cigarette, it contains no tobacco, and the "smoke" is just vapour. Containing state of the art micro-electronic technology this re-chargeable e-cigarette produces a real smoking experience without any of the deeply unpleasant side-effects of tobacco. As you inhale a tiny battery vapourises liquid inside the cigarette producing smoke. You can insert cartridges (it comes with a set of them) that will release nicotine - or of course choose to skip the nicotine altogether and just puff away on what is virtually nothing. Of course people may come finger-wagging at you telling to put it out (it looks that real), but there's nothing to put out. It's incredibly clever, and if you're bored of being unable to smoke anywhere then this little stroke of genius will be a godsend. It comes with a spare battery and a charger, and a full charge will last you for ages. No flame, no tobacco, no carcinogens, and unaffected by the smoking ban, this glowing "smoking" e-cigarette is considerably better for you than hacking away over the tobacco filled alternative, and will save you a fortune in the long run. A simply brilliant invention for those still slaves to the weed - and rather fun too.


is this thing any good ? would love to quit!:x

£28.91 with 20% code once P&P is added..

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I got one for a family member and they started using it with the normal cartridges but have now gone down to a lower nictonie level. I think it will work if you *want* to give up - I think this is the best way of doing it gradualyl though!

The best thing about them is you can "smoke" them anywhere as it's only vapour being released and not smoke. So go into a pub and wait for the stares - it's funny! ^-^

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Just curious as to why people are voting this cold? I thought this was a really good deal? Can someone find it cheaper, because I think this is a brillaint price!

Awesome, placed my order. Been waiting for this for a while! CHEERS, VOTED HOT!

this product is one of the best things ever made for a smoker who wants the feeling of a cigarette and the enjoyment it brings, but dosent want to die of cancer and the alike diseses from tobbaco ciggarette smoking brings.

i bought this same product about 6 months a go for around £50, and i havent gone back to smoking since.

but you can actually get this similar product from the internet way way cheape, so shop around.

also there is an issue with the build quality of these product from any place you buy from, people are actually make diy modification to the battery, like my self and it works brilliantly.

voted HOT

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Yea, you can get cheaper imitations but I think this one works the best and looks the best as well. The one I bought doesn't seem to have any battery problems as it's been going strong for a few months now, what problems do they have?

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Last day today for anyone wanting to grab a bargain

Website states.. Please note, this product is exempt from all special promotions and discount offers.

Doubt they will honour
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