Gangs of London PSP GAME £21.48
Gangs of London PSP GAME £21.48

Gangs of London PSP GAME £21.48

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Dynamic storylines enable each player to experience their own unique progression in nearly 60 different missions that immerse gamers in an elite criminal underworld in modern day London. Complete with new gameplay modes, providing intense free-roaming gameplay perfectly tailored for a handheld system.
Gangs of London offers a variety of modes of play including Story Mode, Gang Battle, Free Roaming, London Pub Games and a unique Game Sharing mode. Each mission is separated with narratives that guide players through the background story of criminal masterminds fighting for the right to be called London’s number one gangster. Gamers can re-play missions from different gang perspectives. If it’s pickup and play gaming that players are looking for, it also offers a set of British Pub mini-games that include darts, pool and skittles.

Features: * Choose from 5 different gangs + witness the story unfold. * Engage in tactical urban combat and swap between gang members on the fly. * Over 60 missions that offer a mix of shooting, tactical battles and multiple driving challenges. * Story Mode allows players choose the gang they want to lead and must use strategy and skill to stay one step ahead of the opposing gangs. * Gang Battle mode provides gamers with an interactive map on which they must use criminal force to attack and defend areas of London. * Gang Battle mode can be played with 1-5 players on a single PSP system. * Free Roaming mode allows players to explore and tackle the streets of London on their own terms as they choose between a variety of characters, vehicles, weapons, time of day, and police levels. * Tourist Mode tasks players with exploring and photographing the city’s most famous landmarks to unlock game extras. * Game Share mode generates a new level unique to each PSP system. Once activated, players will find themselves faced with uniquely different mission objectives, environments, characters and weaponry.


thats a crackin price for a new game

Just added the price with delivery to your post sarb.

Thanks for the deal. It's a great price


Thanks sarbjeet_, good price .. cheapest i can find is £29.99!

Thanks Sarbjeet_ voted ]http://www.hotukdeals.com/images/vote-hot.gif

There's reason it's that price, it's a truely awful game.

[SIZE=2]I just got a wet teddybear in post....:| [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]anyway it has a code for £5 off of this game at GAME.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Enter "G4NG5" in the voucher redemption box bringing price down to £16.48 delivered.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]If you already own gangs of London, it says you can us code for £5 off these psp titles:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Ace Combat[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Ridge Racer 2[/SIZE]

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its not that bad. partyman

Thanks ]Fixngrout!

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u being sarcastic?


u being sarcastic?

Who sarbjeet_?

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lol, X10 i thought you meant thanks for figureing it out, instead it was Fixngrout, OMG i cant belive i mis read that lol, making me laugh so much.
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