Garden 6 pc wooden furniture reduced from 119 to 29 pounds! @ Sainsburys

Garden 6 pc wooden furniture reduced from 119 to 29 pounds! @ Sainsburys

Found 19th Jul 2008Made hot 22nd Jul 2008
Was at Sainsburys Basingstoke last night and saw the 6pc garden furniture (table, 4 chairs and parasol) (was advertised at the entrance) reduced from 119 to 29 pounds. Was very tempted to buy it but stopped short as I need to save money and it is not a necessity right now.

Hope this is useful for somebody else though.


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I am not able to add the picture for some reason, but this is the link for the same on sainsburys online…jpg

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Could it be this … Could it be this one?

yes, that was the one.

None at Bolton


doesnt look like £120 quid worth

Cos it's not £120. It's £29.

I would really like this set, the link isn't working to buy online, can i only buy instore?Thanks

Had a table/parasol/base with glass top and 4 chairs in store at £49.99 a couple of weeks ago. Were OOS but took the details and have contacted them every day ever since - they also would contact me as soon as they had delivery of them. None have come in and they wouldn't sell the display model as it hadn't been discontinued (yet). This went on for a couple of weeks until I found a table on freecycle for free, picked that up and forgot about the Sainsburys deal.

This sounds good if you can get hold of it, would recommend calling before making the trip unless you live next door.

do they not do delivery? good deal, heat and rep added
is it nationwide?

anyone seen this in a scottish store?
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