Garden 7 spray pattern hose nozzle £0.99 at Home Bargains

Garden 7 spray pattern hose nozzle £0.99 at Home Bargains

LocalFound 15th May 2017
7 settle hose nozzle, £0.99 at Home Bargains - should be national. I was sceptical at first but actually feels a good quality considering a branded one is nearly £10.
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Looks good for less then a quid!

mine broke recently, cheers op
Can't be worse than Hozelock junk can it ?
I went through 2 of these, lasted days! I know it's cheap but I didn't have much luck
got one of these a couple of weeks ago and pleased with it considering the price
These are beyond hopeless. P*sses water everywhere whilst attached to hose. Junk.
Had mine ages and it works perfectly.
I got one last summer and it's still working!
These are hit and miss. We had one that lasted a few years, got 2 replacements and water continually spat out the end of the handle. At 99p worth a shot!
Same here, had a hozelock which crusted up and broke. Bought this to get me by and it's been working flawlessly for 4 weeks, no leaks around the seal or anything.

Well worth 99p!
Great buy bought one last month and it's worked great not leaked one drop.
Got one today. Not tried it yet but will report back. Cheers OP.
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