Found 1st Jun 2012
mid season sale 75% off,60 diamond jubilee deals,up to 75% of summer bedding,herbs, fruit trees and plants, potato tubers and other veg
some examples:
Bramley Apple - Bare Root Fruit Tree Was £14.99 Now Only £3.74 CLUB PRICE £3.37
120cm Eureka Lemon Tree in 25cm/10 Litre Pot,Was £39.99,Now Only £9.99,CLUB PRICE £8.99
Wisteria Amethyst Falls on a Trellis in a 19cm Pot,Was £29.99,Now Only £14.99,CLUB PRICE £13.49
Climbing Rose (various) ,was £7.99,Now Only £1.99,CLUB PRICE £1.79
Pineberry in 9cm Pot,Was £14.99,Now Only £7.49,CLUB PRICE £6.74 (white strawbwerry tastes of pineapple)
Garden Orchid,Was £6.99,Now Only £1.74,CLUB PRICE £1.57
Red Lane Apple,Was £24.99,Now Only £12.49,CLUB PRICE £11.24 (red apple tastes of strawberry)
Chocolate Mint - 1 x 12cm Potted Plant,Was £4.99,Now Only £2.49,CLUB PRICE £2.24 (chocmint flavour culinary herb)
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Some good bargains bu they fleece you in delivery charges
Delivery for two items is showing as £8.99. Bit of a shame as there seem to be quite a few bargains.
spend £50+ use code AFF0067 says £10 off but it discounts £8.33

Hot deal heat given
Be very, very, very, careful with this company. Delays, failure to fulfill orders, don't to reply to emails. In other words useless!!!!!
Would never ever consider using them again.
ps Still waiting for a total refund (promised last week) after 3 months of problems and no goods.

Please use other web pages to check unless you want to throw your money away.
From what I've read on my favourite gardening forums these guys are well known cowboys. I'd echo everything ijgal3 said above. Cold.
i've used them lots , never had any problems , sometimes things are delivered at specific times ( like when certain trees are ready for delivery - they come straight from nurseries, but i've always been advised of how long) and when i had one tree die unfortunately , i rang them up and was expecting them to be reluctant but they were extremely polite and arranged a free replacement immediately


they are owned by

who also own….uk
I have bought 2 valentine apple trees , a bramley apple tree, a braeburn apple tree, a conference pear tree, a cherry tree, 3 blueberry plants , pineberries, strawberries, blackberries, rasberries, and some flowers, as well as a variety of pots and compost etc, and the only problem i had , as i mentioned above, was my bramley died ( probably my fault and yet they still replaced it), excellent customer service and very helpful.
Try getting stuff delivered to Inverness,Scotland, costs a fortune, I use Ideal world instead,a lot cheaper
No one should be planting bare root trees at this time of year, never mind selling them, there is a good reason that they are cheap.
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