Garden Cast Iron Chiminea £29.99 @ Home Bargains Click And Collect

Garden Cast Iron Chiminea £29.99 @ Home Bargains Click And Collect

Found 16th Jun 2014
This natural burning heater is a perfect centerpiece for any garden or patio. Designed to create not only physical warmth on fresh and crisp evenings, but also aesthetic warmth all year round; this beautiful chiminea is a truly beautiful and practical finishing touch. Whether camping out in your own garden, lighting it to admire from indoors, enjoying a romantic evening drink, or continuing your evening barbecue, this will be the key ingredient.


Robust structure
Rustic, distressed finish design
Easy assembly
Fixings provided
Approx. 90cm tall
Instructions included
For outdoor use only
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Be careful, it leaves rust stains on paving.
I bought one of these two years ago and it's great value. No rust issues for me but I bought a cover too.

Heat added
I bought a larger one of these about a month ago. Always wanted one.
The problem with the open mesh all the way round is there is barely any point having a chimney on top. The smoke just billows out of the sides.
And I'm not exactly Captain Caveman when it comes to making fire but these are hard work.

Finally, unless you are practically hugging it you won't feel much warmth.

I wasted my money, it's up to you if you waste yours.
................but it gives you aesthetic warmth all year round!!!!

ha ha ha ha ha
Bought one and on the first light, well good if you live out in the country. But mine ended in the local appliance attending and dowsing not only my chiminea but my self made "walk of faith" that had been glowing away. Many my nominees and I were very disappointed to say the least! True story
These are really good for annoying your neighbours. These things should be illegal unless you live in the middle of nowhere.
'local appliance'? is that like a friendly neighbourhood food mixer?
Can you cook with this is mini bbq or pizza like on some of them??????
yea these rust easily but for what they are, they are ok for £30

'local appliance'? is that like a friendly neighbourhood food mixer?



Not a regional food mixer but a bloody regional fire engine ! Jees Lewis the chaps sorted out the alleged fire but the test of faith continued. Several passed but the chiminea continued to do its job 10/10 in my opinion
F4STFORW4RD I see it all! :

What the f...


what the f...
Bought this a couple of years ago. probably used it less than 10 times but had no such issues with smoke going everywhere as some people are saying. I think that would largely depend on what wood you are burning. gives out a good heat within a 1.5m radius as long as you keep feeding it, but agree that beyond that it is just aesthetic heat.
Starting fires can be smoky but I've found once everything is roaring away there is little smoke.

How hard are they selling this in the OP blah. "this beautiful chiminea is a truly beautiful" Quite funny considering it looks pants.
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Seasoned wood shouldn't give you to much smoke, but if you want to annoy the neighbours try sticking some cuttings from your fir tree on it.
Good price but what an eye sore. Shame it's so ugly and badly designed. I do agree with 'zincalloy' about the mesh problem.
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