Garden Chiminea £46.66 @ Sainsburys

Garden Chiminea £46.66 @ Sainsburys

Found 23rd May 2013
I bought a cast iron chiminea years ago and it cost me a fortune! Can't believe that you can now get them for less than 50 quid. Thought this one looked good, but there seems to be a vast selection of patio type heaters and fire bowls etc on offer currently at Sainsbury with a third off etc. Just thought others might like a look.


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Forgot to say that the third off deal is running until 12th June, so the website says. Hope the weather brightens up, but if not then the chiminea will at least create some much needed heat!

Looks to be some good offers!!

Heat added!!! Hope the weather heats up soon as well

Cold for me got mine for £30 the same one as this about 3 years ago

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whoops! thanks spaz hadn't seen the one in homebargains!!!! will go have a look oO

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Ok have been and checked - they are not the same and this one is bronzed so looks a little better than the matt black in my opinion - but we are all diff!

Yeah got mine from home bargains
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