Garden Furniture: 4 Seater Green Plastic Oval Dining Table £10.00 @ B&Q (down from £40)

Garden Furniture: 4 Seater Green Plastic Oval Dining Table £10.00 @ B&Q (down from £40)

Found 7th Sep 2009
1st Deal from me so apols for the certain **** ups.

In B&Q Wigan store today and saw this instore deal (Cannot find the item on so looks like discontinued so maybe nationwide). There were about 20 or so at about 2pm today in that store.

As title plus 5 year weather resistant, full B&Q title "Warwick Dining Table"

Thought it was a good deal: Down from £40 to 10 and maybe nationwide; Decent discount for a 4 seater outdoor table that will be as happy now as it will next year and likely back iro £40.
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Thanks for posting. And welcome to the scary world of deals on HUKD. Good first post.
It is good practice to also add the merchant and price to the title. It helps people who are just browsing through. And in my experience your post will get a few more “hot” votes.
Emmajk42 / Juliet_Bravo wrote a couple of very comprehensive and excellent guides for newcomers to HUKD here: -…ne/…177
They are well worth taking a look at.
Again, thanks for posting, and welcome to the dark side.
Kind regards Andy
I bought one of these tables with the chairs years ago when I didnt have much money to spend on garden furniture - well it done me great for years - many a drunken night spent around that table lol

Fantastic deal and heat added!
Quite a few in stock in Glasgow, Great Western Road. A few reduced toilets (around £60 from £120), and some other bits and pieces. A bath tub for £25 (1 in stock at approx 11am today).
the chairs are only £4 each now, good for drunken nights where u dont care what they do to your furniture after a few stellas
The B&Q at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol also had a load of stuff yesterday. There was a large metal garden table for £15 reduced from £129. Also various patio heaters, Xmas light fittings, toilets, paints etc.
Any pictures anywhere?
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