Garden Furniture Package for £299 from City Living Furniture (£1078 Value) Less 5% Quidco @ Groupon
Garden Furniture Package for £299 from City Living Furniture (£1078 Value) Less 5% Quidco @ Groupon

Garden Furniture Package for £299 from City Living Furniture (£1078 Value) Less 5% Quidco @ Groupon

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groupon are offering what seems to be a decent quality set of stackable garden furniture for a reasonable price.
The RRP seems a bit of a joke but garden furniture that lasts is never cheap in my experience.
With the summer upon us, I hope this does someone a good turn.
Delivery £29.
Don't forget 5% quidco!!

Includes a stackable table and four chairs
Torpedo design furniture
Can be compacted into a torpedo shape making efficient use of storage space
Delivered directly to the front door (£29)
UV and weather resistant


does it include the cushions I wondered

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I have read all the information and cushions are not mentioned. Having said that, it is promoted as a Garden Furniture Package, so one would expect the package to be as illustrated.
I can only advise any purchasers to call and confirm this before dusting off the credit card.


plus delivery and cushions.
Add another £100 easily.

don't know. On the manufacturers site it says
SIZE (CM):2*Large chair:75*75*65 2*Small chair:70*70*65 Coffee table:60*60*55
DESC:PE Rattan, 1.2mm Aluminum Frame, waterproof fabric, 80mm thickness cushion, 7mm thickness glass
PACKAGE:environment-protect leather package to protect all parts

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I've just ordered them and called to check about the cushions James said they are included in the price

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I am chuffed that my post helped at least 1 person to enjoy their summer just a little bit more

Thanks m8! u helped me too!

Is the torpedo set Black or dark brown

It stacks to become a giant dildo

I ordered this deal 7 days ago and have been told delivery will not be for ANOTHER 4-6 weeks.... !!!!

I ordered 7 days ago... phoned today as they never answered emails... and found out that they cannot fulful the order and deliver for ANOTHER 4-6 weeks (which sounded like a made up delivery date as they havent a clue as it all comes from china.....)

By the way - I was told the cushions were not included and so bought those seperately from their website after activating the discount code.

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I hope it is worth the hassle Karen

Has anyone received delivery of this furniture yet?

No not yet mine should be here this weekend app, i ordered mine on 23rd May, said they had trouble with the weather on the ship and had to dock for safety of crew, will ring them before the week is out for an update

I ordered mine on 23rd May as well.Emailed them last week pointing out they had advertised the goods as up to 3 weeks delivery .There reply was " Be patient delivery is normally 4-6 weeks from order but hopefully should have it with you earlier.Surely this is false advertising?

I ordered this furniture too. still waiting going on holiday soon hope it is here before then!

I ordered this furniture on the 23rd of May still havn't received it ...2months now lets hope summer is still here when we get.!!!!!!

Still not delivered so I've cancelled it now! Rubbish company I also have a confirmed order from 24th may Groupon refunding money just waiting to see if City Living do the same otherwise its a contact with the credit card saying goods not received! ;-)

My order was placed on may 25th. I have phoned a couple of times and been given excuses. No response to emails. Don't want to cancel yet as would still like to receive it. Can anyone confirm that they have taken delivery ? They guy on the phone seems to suggest that this is the case but I have my doubts !

i have recieved mine today ordered on 23rd May

Mine is not due to arrive until November. I'm checking to see if they'll refund the interest due on the money they took from me in May...

Have not received goods yet and was wondering if anyone else had, have sent several emails and have been asking about this almost fortnightly latest news was that it may take a whole to come through cutoms.. I seriously think that cancelling may be the only option.

Not taken delivery of mine thinking of cancelling - do you get the delivery charge refunded if you do? I also ordered a rain cover - would that be refunded. The cushions are included as shown on the picture - you can order extra scatter cushions if you wanted to.

I got all me money back! cause Google have stopped dealing with them so google checkout gave me the money back so go for it!

Has anyone actually received the furniture yet please?

I just keep getting more and more excuses which do not seem to stack up. Goods can be ordered from China, manufactured and delivered in a four-five week period. This is particuarly bad as the company has had the money since the 24 May!

Another one still waiting here - when I tracked more recently and was told ETA November I sent them what can only be described as a 'sh*t-storm' via email... this is very very bad practice considering their original promise on the Groupon webpage was 'delivery within 3 weeks'. This is a classic case of over promising and under delivering (or not delivering at all it would seem...), so yes I would be interested to hear of any others who have actually seen this elusive furniture...?

i have cancelled mine too complete waste of time! however only received money from groupon no refund of two rain covers (stacked and unstacked) plus del? help!

any updates anyone?

I received a refund from groupon and from Google checkout (from the company for the delivery charge and the cover i HAD ORDERED SO TRY THAT ROUTE!

I cancelled mine after a 4 month wait and some people who had received them said they were not all that great - groupon have be crap about it all and despite not being able to fulfil the orders in may, or the ones in june, they still went and advertised the deal again in august with nearly 2000 purchases - you would have thought they would have seen that city living furniture can not fulfil the orders so why the hell they put the deal back on I dont know - greedy ****
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