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Garden Party Gazebo ....... £44.54 @ B&Q  INSTORE (Half Price!)
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Garden Party Gazebo ....... £44.54 @ B&Q INSTORE (Half Price!)

£44.54B&Q Deals
Posted 26th Jun 2008Available: National
Cater for any occasion or simply create an outdoor retreat. B&Q's range of gazebos gives you the perfect solution to al fresco dining.

Size : (H)2100 x (W)9000 x (D)3000mm
Product Type: Gazebos

* Side panels included
* Ideal for parties & large gatherings
* Easy to assemble
* Water resistant canopy
* Steel poles
* Polyethylene canopy
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Seems like a good price. We got a BIG bbq coming up in August too. Thanks, will check it out.
looks great for the price.
Yeah for the look of the size it seems a bargain!!
Very good price.
This is a fantastic price. I paid £99 a year ago for one of these. Used it a few times now with no problems. Does need at least three of you to put it up though.

I had a price for one to hire at £150 for the day (for comparison).
Looks great, I was about to but one about 5 months back for £90. Voted HOT!!!!

Off to B&Q to get one for myself and my sister.

Looks like good value considering it has steel poles - just a question of how durable the covering proves to be. Anyway, need something this size so off to B&Q this weekend to get one.
Did I hear some one say that they blow over easily with the slightest amount of wind???
If they are roped down properly they wont blow over. However they are not like a proper marquee and should not be left with the sides on in High winds.

We had one but the material is starting to give way 7-8 years old now and used 3-4 times a year.
They do take up lot of space once packed away and you need about 4 people to put it up.
does anyone know how long and how wide this is in effect:?
Looks great. For the people who have one,could you use this as a big tent? It would be great if you could put it up on the beach in a warm country and live in it. Who are you calling a P.I.K.E.Y!
Fantastic - just been toget one - 2 left in Dunfermline!!
I guess this will teach me to always put the deal on when you see it ! Never Mind!

B&Q are discounting loads of garden furniture at the moment - I picked up two £30 sun loungers last week for a tenner each and they have more gazebos in stock too.

On this one we have four in a group we have and paid £90 last year for two and two at this rate. so Hot on that point. We would echo comments about wind - take the sides off if it is. Last week without the sides in wind it performed well. Does indeed need 3-4 people to put up especially when those roof poles try to drop out which they can.

H&R added.:-D
All gazebos are reduced it looks like. I brought the Hexa one for £36 down from £56 i think. The party one is massive, measure it out! Bigger than my flat i think.
One word of warning; the joints are plastic and not that strong, so if you can get a couple of spares its worth keeping in stock. If they blow around, which they do quite easily the joints will probably fail. i got one from Focus last year and got spares of all the joints and poles, just in case and have so far replaced 2 joints!
Need my gazebo fixed...any ideas?
does any body have the instuctions for this gazebo i bought it couple of years ago and lent it out but paper work never came back
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