Garden  Picnic Table........... Bargain!!!!!

Garden Picnic Table........... Bargain!!!!!

Found 12th May 2008
Full size, Pub like Picnic table,I brought one today, assembled it this afternoon, suprisingly sturdy for the price, I think you'd struggle to get one cheaper


I had a look at one was concerned that the nut/bolts recesses on the legs had been cut so deep that there was little wood left - good luck


after 20 hours couldnt the shop and price be put into the title?



You're right of course!

Still once you look at the post, its quite appealing don't you think?

I'll give it heat!

A great find. I was put off by the second comment, but saw and bought one instore.

Very heavy and sturdy - no problems with the bolts either...must depend on how the staff put it together.

Why they hid these large and heavy boxes behind the display is beyond me though...not the most thoughtful people at the Washington store.
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