Garden Storage Box £22.96 - Keter Easy Storage Reduced from £30 - Tesco online

Garden Storage Box £22.96 - Keter Easy Storage Reduced from £30 - Tesco online

Found 23rd Jul 2012
This is a garden storage box. Been looking for one for a while and they're usually around £30, so this seems a good deal. Reasonable reviews. Don't think it's heavy duty but should keep a few things dry and out of the way. Collection from store is free with home delivery from £3.

5% topcashback as well, which tracked at 92p.



Can anyone confirm or deny whether this is lockable?

Tesco disagree's with itself. Say's it's lockable in the description but in the details say's Lockable - No. Nevermind, answered my questions using zoom, lockable.

Ordered thanks

Does anyone know how it compares to the beneath Lidl model?…htm


I'd say the Lidl one looks sturdier now that I've assembled this one. But obviously couldn't tell for sure without seeing them side by side.

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Picked mine up. It seems a bit flimsy. I'm sure it'll hold together for what I need, but certainly not heavy duty. It has a place for a padlock, but isn't secure. If someone really wants to get it they could just pull it apart! I'm using it to store bottled homebrew and empty bottles (I was taking over the kitchen...), so hope it will do this ok. No water came in during recent rain, so that's a good sign.

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