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Gardenline Charcoal Grill/BBQ Smoker - £59.99 @ Aldi
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Gardenline Charcoal Grill/BBQ Smoker - £59.99 @ Aldi

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Posted 30th Apr
Aldi special buy.
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Be the envy of all your friends with this Charcoal Grill and BBQ Smoker. The Smoker Grill will take your outside feasts to the next level. Use its main chamber for traditional cooking or side chamber for smoky American style grilling. The Barbeque with Smoker is easy to transport and simple to clean. Don’t miss out, grab one before they’re all gone.

Accessories Included
All parts including mounting parts
2 Cooking grills for traditional and smoker-style barbecuing
Removable fat catcher
Metal shelves and handles
Thermometer in lid for temperature control in the smoking compartment
Direct and indirect cooking possible
Separate sections for smoking and American BBQ
BBQ Body with heat resistant black paint
2 Cooking grills (298 x 262mm each)
Air vent and chimney cap for adjustable air flow
Front and base storage shelves
2 Metal wheels for easy transportation
Cooking height 78cm
Steel front shelf
Sturdy legs and wheels
Bottom shelf
3 years
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3 year warranty sounds good. I would like to get dual fuel with smoker but £350 (cheapest I could find (homebase) ) is a bit more than £59.99
I have this and it’s absolutely useless as a smoker. Leaks out all of the smoke. Decent as a BBQ
RayEdge-d2f52.3930217 m ago

I have this and it’s absolutely useless as a smoker. Leaks out all of the s …I have this and it’s absolutely useless as a smoker. Leaks out all of the smoke. Decent as a BBQ

Just use that exhaust tape.
Are these much good? Interested!
They are shocking bad, unless you wanna mess around with fire bricks, fire ropes/gaskets, latches, using metal sheets to make it reverse flow and repositioning the stack and moving the fire grate up so it doesn't sufficate. Some people love tinkering though!
I’ve took the plunge and ordered.

I’ll probably only use as a BBQ, but good to have the choice to try some smoking (although sounds like it may not be my best introduction).
I have last year's version of this.

Out of the box it is not a smoker. No seals on the fire box or smoking chamber lid, no baffle to pass the smoke over food and the sheet metal is too thin to allow you to reach temp. In short if you're intending to buy this for hot smoking don't bother, you're better off converting an oil drum into a vertical smoker.

I've had some OK smoking sessions by adding locking clips for the doors and putting a high temp gasket around the edges but it still needs serious work to redirect the smoke and increase the thermal efficiency by insulating and/or providing additional thermal mass.

Works ok as a cheapo half barrel bbq, but again you'd probably be better off just chopping a barrel in half, then you'd have 2!
Normally, if I read hundreds of good reviews and just 1 or 2 bad reviews I'm reserved about buying product but... I bought this bbq. Last one in the shop. Will see how bad it is. 😁
Looks like a cat
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