Garfield 1 & 2 dvd box set - just £3.99 delivered @ Hmv !!

Garfield 1 & 2 dvd box set - just £3.99 delivered @ Hmv !!

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Hmv Deal of the Day - Garfield 1 & 2 dvd box set is now just £3.99 delivered !! Cheapest for this elsewhere is £8.99!

Details: A double helping of everyone's favourite lazy, lasagne chomping feline. Contains GARFIELD - THE MOVIE and GARFIELD - A TALE OF TWO KITTIES.


Ta, just ordered a copy, hoping it gets here for next week, extra little xmas gift for my little one.

Does anyone know what the expected delivery times are, as it doesnt give any sort of dispatch date anywhere.

Thanks for the heads up millercat, really good price.
Also got the gremlins box set this time last year for this price

[SIZE="4"]ice age took 7 days after despatch email [/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]HMV are terrible for delivery at the best of times for me[/SIZE]

I hope they'll get here for xmas too - my ice age was only a couple of days coming and there are still plenty of days left till xmas....

Nice stocking filler - if it arrives in time.

My last 3 orders from HMV took ages to arrive. An instock cd took 2 weeks from ordering to finally get here, they used to be ok so maybe it's just the Christmas period.

God I hate this new look, I need a magnifying glass to read what I've typed!

just ordered mine hopefully it will come in time!
agree with the new look den, does do your eyes in, and takes longer to find deals or anything for that matter!

Thanks Cat, voted hot

kids will love this.

burping cat :-D

I ordered about 12.10am today and they sent me an email 14.19 this afternoon saying it on its way; having said that I am still waiting for a boxset which was sent out on the 5th. Everything comes from Guernsey I think hence probable delay

Got a despatched email at 15.54, how does that work out when i ordered before bioman1 lol!
Ah well, should be here by next friday i guess/hope!

Edit, just re-read, he said 12.10am not pm as i thought he said!


Thanks for this. Nice stocking filler.

thanks for this post just order it and the Comic Strip deal of the week - which is on 16.99 but 49.99 in store


Many thanks ordered for my son for Crimbo.

Thanks for this, Ordered today, hope it gets here in time for Christmas

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Welcome to HUKD'S pww1965

Thanks for all the replies and feedback guys and girlies - i've ordered this too, so really hoping it will be here for Christmas

Although it was yesterdays dotd its still available for £3.99 ...

A double helping of everyone's favourite lazy, lasagne chomping feline. Contains GARFIELD - THE MOVIE and GARFIELD - A TALE OF TWO KITTIES. Based on characters created by Jim Davis, family feature GARFIELD - THE MOVIE tells the story of the titular character--featuring the voice of Bill Murray--a supremely spoiled pet cat, who wants the affection of everyone around him, but only when he wants it. Trouble arises when, under the influence of the beautiful veterinarian Liz (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt), Garfield's owner Jon (played by Breckin Meyer) decides to introduce a cuddly dog called Odie to the family. In GARFIELD - A TALE OF TWO KITTIES, Garfield's owner John Arbuckle tags along to England with his lovely vet girlfriend and inadvertently brings Garfield along, where he winds up being mistaken for Prince, the royal cat of a lordly estate. There's a plot afoot to steal Prince's lands and title, orchestrated by the nefarious Dargis and it's up to Garfield to save the day, that is if he can get his face out of the lasagne long enough

Voted Hot.
This along with the lord of the rings dvd will go down a treat with my two boys.
Thanks, and Merry Christmas :santa:

Cheers OP for a great stocking filler for my daughter. Hope it gets here in time.

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Still available at this price

Just giving an alert that this deal is still on.
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