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Posted 13 May 2024

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2, Super Compact Dash Camera, 140-degree Field of View, Voice Controlled, Incident Detection, Dual USB charger included

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Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2, Super Compact Dash Camera, 140-degree Field of View, Voice Controlled, Incident Detection, Dual USB charger included

About this item
  • Car-key sized 31 x 53 x 21 mm mini-camera mounts discreetly behind rearview mirror and goes virtually unnoticed; automatically records and saves video of incidents
  • Wide 140-degree field of view clearly captures and saves important details in 1080p HD video in all light conditions
  • Voice control lets you use spoken commands to save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures and more
  • Saved video clips automatically upload to the secure Garmin cloud Video Vault from which they can be viewed, downloaded, edited and shared from anywhere
  • Parking Guard feature monitors activity around your parked vehicle and automatically alerts you with a recorded video clip if an incident is detected

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  1. carpainting's avatar
    I bought the MK1 as an officially overhauled product and it gave me no end of problems. They did honour the warranty though tbf
  2. Ilostmyselfin1984's avatar
    You'll also need a Garmin specific hard wiring kit, if required, and lens filter for sun glare/dash reflection
    nickdeal's avatar
    I have one of these and haven't bothered with the lens filter - haven't had an issue with glare so definitely not an issue for all.
  3. saintscouple's avatar
    Love mine, purchased a few months ago - hardwired with a dongar adapter to the rear view mirror - no cables showing - voice activation works a treat.
    I prefer to remove the sd card and get footage that way, doing it via the app over wifi is too time consuming.
  4. samory's avatar
    Do you need two of these to be rear and front?
    Ultimate111's avatar
    The app will merge the footage into picture in picture if you have two of these and sync the footage
  5. custardy's avatar
    I have the Mk 1 version of these. like the small size. One thing to mention.
    These are shown fitted behind the mirror out of sight.
    The lights on the camera give indication of power on,storage getting full,wifi connected (for viewing footage)
    So I would suggest fitting where you can see the rear lights.
  6. vassy4u's avatar
    Excellent dash cam. Using it for more than a year now. No regrets.

    Saying ok Garmin to take a picture / save a video is a nice feature.
    r9000's avatar
    140 degree FOV is very poor though. You are going to miss stuff with that.
  7. blake_7's avatar
    It's permanently this price from Garmin via Perks At Work, and regularly cheaper (e.g. they have occasional 10% codes but unfortunately the latest one expired a couple of days ago).

    I'd recommend the dashcam + OBD constant power combo which means you get the benefits of hard-wiring without any hassle. Also has a 24hr cut-out option to avoid battery drain.

    custardy's avatar
    I woulds advise checking the vehicle OBD location first.
    EG mine is in the centre arm rest. Having this whilst handy, would mean the arm rest wouldnt close.
  8. jazzyb88's avatar
    Personally I'd go with a Viofo a119 v3 from AliExpress. It has a better sensor, higher resolution, a screen and still compact enough to be discrete as it's a wedge shape. You also have the option to have GPS whereas the Garmin has none.

    If you're going for a dual cam setup then two of these Garmin ones will work out more than a packaged dual camera setup anyway (edited)
  9. mrjh's avatar
    Excellent dash cam. So much better than the original. You don’t need the official hardwire kit. I connected a hidden twelve volt socket to the fuse box (£3) in the glove box and then ran the power cable in the box into the glovebox. If I ever need a new dash cam it’s in and out in a few mins.
    essexsi's avatar
    Could you link to item you used . Cheers Si
  10. twisted89's avatar
    Micro USB? Kill it with fire
  11. Bensafc's avatar
    Can this be took off charged and popped back on? Don’t like wires
  12. CalvinSMJ's avatar
    So I am torn between this Garmin device and a dual camera option such as this for similar, or less, money: amzn.eu/d/1…DvS

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    _P_'s avatar
    Looks good, can't find fps though
  13. bomberman's avatar
    Great dash-cam. Good spot OP (edited)
  14. GBdeal's avatar
    Does it need to be hardwired? How long is the battery life?

    My car is a banger and not worth investing in hardwire kit...
    OMGWTFALIX's avatar
    You can get hardwire kits for £10 ish
  15. Wa55's avatar
    Great discrete dashcam, video is always good quality but I find the app is rather slow or unreliable and it does sometimes randomly beep when driving for no apparent reason
    blake_7's avatar
    I think that's when it detects an "incident" (meant to be a crash but usually just a bump in the road).
  16. greg666's avatar
    The one thing I have seen is that it’s nearly impossible to read number plates with most dash cams when the car is moving so really only good in case of an accident
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    You gotta pay solid money for that, especially because only being able to read them in the daytime may be a equally pointless in the longrun.

    If you have the ability to choose 60fps at a lower resolution then try that, it should lessen blur so can make finer details more visible.
  17. EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Am I understanding correctly that this sticks to the windscreen permanently? It seems to me that one of the biggest advantages of being small is being able to remove it from the car and carry it with you easily.
    DreadPirateRoberts2013's avatar
    Unless your likely to get into an accident yourself whilst walking. Why do you need to remove it and carry it about with you?
  18. BustyB293's avatar
    I think you can get cheap OBD fused to dual USB (you don’t need expensive Garmin one)  and then run 2 cameras… for the parking .

    or just get a dedicated front and rear.

    parking mode is important to many people.  They want a clear number plate shot of who hit their car.  How good is this ?   What has better parking mode ? 
  19. BlazingfireZ101's avatar
    I like how small this is, but it's not got a rear cam or parking mode. Both of which aren't necessary right?
    custardy's avatar
    What do you mean no 'rear cam'? You fit 2.
    Have you read the specs?
    Where do you get no parking mode?
  20. yellowblack21_'s avatar
    This is a great camera. I have hardwired with a kit from nextbase right to the fuse box.
  21. buddn07's avatar
    Does this record GPS telemetry as well?
    I'd assume so being a Garmin product, but perhaps not?
    Ultimate111's avatar
  22. daviet123's avatar
    Parking mode via OBD2 drained my (brand new) battery to the point where I was getting warning messages on the dash, so I’ve had to turn it off. Annoying as I have totally lost this feature and part of the reason for buying it was for this. Has anyone found out how to prevent this from happening? This happened even on the 24hr setting and the 10 min one seems absolutely useless to me 
    blake_7's avatar
    Strange... haven't experienced any battery drain issues with mine (been using the 24hr setting for the past year). Agree 10 mins seems pointless. I think a 1 or 2 hours setting would be more useful for short trips. (edited)
  23. reviewz's avatar
    Been looking for a dash cam for a while and decided to give this a go. Cheers.
  24. The3dge's avatar
    Anyone used rear view dash cams? Any good?
's avatar