Garmin edge 25 reduced to £40 @ Aldi

Garmin edge 25 reduced to £40 @ Aldi

LocalFound 1st Nov 2016
Really good price for this Garmin. I don't think you'll see it cheaper ever! 7 in stock at Bentley Bridge Wolverhampton. usually £95, £80 was a pretty good price when Aldi got them in first. this is just silly...
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Monster deal if you can get one, and a nice bit of kit even at normal best price of £90
Great find! Amazing deal at this price!
off to aldi tomorrow now then ...fingers crossed
Cracking price if you wanna sell some on eBay for a bit of xmas profiteering
Awesome deal if you can get one. I picked one up from Aldi at £59.99 which I was chuffed with. Should be noted that the battery on these isn't the best if you're an all day rider but will easily manage a 3-4 hour ride without issue.
Brilliant deal. Did 6.5 hrs on mine easily. Would expect it to last 8-10.
I got one but am going back to my Edge 200 for commuting. You can't pause and sleep the 25 for some stupid reason and the interface is very fussy, not very Garmin... But at £40 it's a steal if you don't have a bike GPS already.
I visit 7 aldi in my area ( Sheffield )and didn't find it. Dissapointed
Got one when they were £60. Will pop back for another at £40
Been to 5 in and around old Trafford/stretford no-one had any
I phoned Aldi customer service today and the lady I spoke to said it was an old deal. I didn't find any in the two stores I visited. Good find though if you get one.
wild goose chase ;0(
Got one in old Trafford on Saturday night. Need to try it out but sure it'll be decent enough
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