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Garmin Epix (Gen 2) through Blue Light Card

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Great watch and at the lowest price I've seen directly from Garmin via the Blue Light Card app/webpage with free delivery.

It's currently £300 via Perks at Work when I last checked but I wasn't able to apply the current extra 10% off.
Garmin More details at
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  1. vassy4u's avatar
    Same price going via Totum too.. Heat added
    SoulSonic's avatar
    Interesting...does this mean I could, in theory, get one of my daughters (who are all in higher education) to sign up for a Totum card and get it for this price? I've been close to going for the ongoing H Samuel deal at £375, but at £280 I, I mean my daughter, would definitely buy
  2. nerdpenguin's avatar
    Is this the successor to the Vivoactives?
    sashforth's avatar
    No. This is the Amoled alternative to the original Fenix 7
  3. Beatjunkie98's avatar
    Vitality too!!
    jameswestwood's avatar
    Cheers! Managed to grab it this way
  4. cycleman's avatar
    Sorry to put a damper on it, but ended up returning mine from H Samuel, HR was so wildly inaccurate it made it pretty useless. TBF worked well with a chest strap but who wants to wear one all the time. If you've got wildly inaccurate HR data it makes the vo2 etc pretty meaningless.
    I now just use a chest strap with Strava, works fine. (edited)
    indyjukebox's avatar
    All wrist based HR monitors are variable. That is the nature of the beast. Hence why you pair it with a chest strap if you need the accuracy.

    Interesting that you didnt want to wear a chest strap, but now use one anyway? Slightly oxymoronic.
  5. bluntmachetti's avatar
    Its full price if i follow the link, Is this price only available via the blue light app ?
    Souperman's avatar
    Unfortunately yes it is. You have to login to the app or web page and search for Garmin to get the sale price.
  6. Hanny_123's avatar
    Anyone got any spare codes if that works?
    indyjukebox's avatar
    You have to link through the app or website, no code as such.
  7. trf197's avatar
    Any deals on the forerunner 955? I'd really like the training readiness and multi frequency GPS.
    Souperman's avatar
    Through BLC it's £307.99 for the 955

    £277.19 through PAW with PAW-SPRING2024 (edited)
  8. Jeevester's avatar
    Same price through Unidays
    lfcfooty71's avatar
    Can’t find it on unidays
  9. swan294976's avatar
    Super tempted by this as need a new watch for some Ultras I’m about to enter and seems to have everything I want including the AMOLED screen and maps. Only thing I’m worried about is doesn’t seem to have multi band GPS of Pro version, is it worth waiting?
    indyjukebox's avatar
    The Pros are significantly more expensive and nowhere near this price. And the benefit seems to be in builtup areas with the disadvantage of worse battery life.
  10. And1Split's avatar
    Very jealous! Anybody with a code to spare that could share via DM? Or do you have to go through a special portal?
    stickmonkeytamer's avatar
    Portal required.
  11. JSaunders182's avatar
    This is a hot UK deal
  12. Spike_202's avatar
    This is ridiculously good deal. These watches are brilliant and you won't get a better spec vs price with this!
  13. goinggrey's avatar
    Great price!
  14. smudgemobile's avatar
    Congratulations on your 1st deal
  15. lloydy187's avatar
    I bought one a few months back from h samuels for £380 and ive been super happy with it for that price, its a no brainer at £280, you won't be disapointed with this watch 🔥Bargain!🔥
  16. Billy_Ray_bob's avatar
    Well worth it at this price
  17. lmulli's avatar
    Didn't need it, but at this price, couldn't resist!

    My Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a great watch, but having recently subscribed to Komoot Premium, being able to have an actual map on the watch is a game changer when out hiking. I didn't think that I would ever get on with using a map on a small device such as a watch, but I was wrong. It's like night and day being able to navigate with a map rather than trying to following a blue line, where I would have to double check the route on my Garmin GPS on regular basis. (edited)
    tenohfive's avatar
    Having grudgingly upgraded from a 935 last year, it does help having the trails on the map. Particularly when you know you need to turn left for instance, but are faced with two lefts.

    The screen on the Epix is stunning too. And allows for greater detail than the Fenix manages at the same zoom level. The trade of being battery life.

    I've had mine a year now and it's a great bit of kit.
  18. Mikharper's avatar
    Thank you, ordered, had nearly gone with H Samuel
  19. UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    If only it had a flashlight like 7x does ..
    FunkiestMonkey's avatar
    said noone ever
  20. pxh638's avatar
    Strange I can only get £300 in price via Perks at Work
    Souperman's avatar
    I had £300 with Perks at work too, Garmin wouldn't accept the extra 10% code. But the code seemed to work on pretty much everything else.
  21. JDIBBO's avatar
    Crazy deal! Ordered thanks OP(y)
  22. cozyK's avatar
    Unidays bringing price to £279.99
    boredmark's avatar
    Can I ask how please? I've tried going through unidays, but it seems to stay at 399.99
  23. Baccus's avatar
    Bought it via Unidays. Awesome deal especially for your first one Op!
    This is the lowest it's been.
  24. dinglebert's avatar
    not getting this to work with BLC at all
    AngelMLV's avatar
    Yeah, same
  25. k6chris's avatar
    52677653-S5c2p.jpgJust registered for Perks at Work and then bought Epix via the £299 deal. Upgrade for my Fenix 5x. Really good find OP, thanks! (edited)
  26. dark_shadow's avatar
    Cheers. Couldn't get any additional codes to work but BLC worked @ 280 just now
  27. adriandocherty's avatar
    Down from £650
  28. the.porter's avatar
    Sod it ordered 
  29. tihrag's avatar
    just ordered and cancelled my £159.00 fitbit versa 3.
    the extra battery life is worth the extra money alone!
    Hanzlah_Nisar's avatar
    Via app or website? Can you run us through method as someone ordering and stuck howb to do it. Many thanks.
  30. cycleman's avatar
    That's crazy
  31. Alexwm's avatar
    This also applies of you have Totum
  32. steal6547's avatar
    Thank you for posting this, it's not often you see many actual good deals being posted, so we'll done poster. Heat and ordered. Yay
  33. ns100uk's avatar
    Great deal. I think this could be the same price using Vitality discount as that also gives 30% off Epix?
  34. Peter_NicholsonsBN's avatar
    Ordered. I’ve been delaying getting at £374 even though that was a great price. This is very very hot!
    indyjukebox's avatar
    I got it at £335 (10% code on top of the 374 price) and returned it. But this is an impossible to resist price. Might have to return the Samsungs I snapped up last week.
  35. haris.baig's avatar
    I have Venu 2 and i am happy with it but i couldn't resist with this price so went for it. Thanks for posting it
    Heat Added !!
  36. Aeschylus's avatar
    Thanks ordered
  37. philng's avatar
    So is it possible for anyone to get this for similar price without perks 4 work etc?
  38. tank86's avatar
    Hot! Paid £345 from H Samuel last week and thought I'd got a great deal. Very happy with the watch.
    Godhatch's avatar
    I did the same, gutted it’s so much cheaper now but it is a great watch still I’m happy mad at least
  39. waynestock71's avatar
    I think I need to upgrade my totum card to get this deal....is this the same for you guys (ie totum professional) (edited)
  40. Hanzlah_Nisar's avatar
    Any tutorial on how to order via app?
    Souperman's avatar
    You need to be signed up for the blue light card, which is open to emergency and NHS workers (nurses,fire brigade etc).

    'Perks At Work' offer similar discounts and may be an option if you're not able to join BLC.

    Then it's just as simple as logging in and searching for Garmin on their webpage or on their phone app.
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