Posted 17 May 2024

Garmin Epix Pro 51mm (Gen2) Sapphire

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Was looking for the EPIX rather than a FENIX and thought this was great value especially for the larger size Sapphire Edition

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Conquer every hour of the day with advanced training features, 24/7 health and wellness monitoring, and up to 31 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. See it all on a stunning AMOLED display with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and a new design optimised for larger wrists.



No Nonsense Return Policy

Simple no nonsense returns policy. You have 14 working days (from the day after delivery of your watch to you) to cancel the contract for your order with us.

You will be refunded in full provided that the watch is returned in its original condition and with all associated items, including without limitation its box and any paperwork.

It will be inspected on arrival and, if it is found to have been damaged, there will be an additional charge for any refurbishment or other works that are necessary to return the watch to its original condition.

Customers are liable for any return postage costs and must ensure that the item is fully insured. We recommend that you obtain proof of posting.

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  1. lopes390's avatar
    Is this the pro version??
    sashforth's avatar
    Yes, the clue is in the title.
  2. Thackers's avatar
    Has anyone actually received their epix from this seller yet?
    javz1982's avatar
    Received today. Ordered last Sunday. (edited)
  3. redjas71's avatar
    2nd gen one here for £599 in case anyone wanted what seems to be the newer version at a good discount firstclasswatches.co.uk/gar…GBP
    sashforth's avatar
    This listing is for exactly the same watch! There is no 1st gen Epix Pro.
  4. jbaro's avatar
    Are there any simple points about this Vs fenix 7
    Gorskar's avatar
    If you're talking about the Fenix 7 Pro, they're basically the same features.
    The difference comes down to screen technology and battery life.

    EPIX Pro
    - AMOLED Screen = higher resolution, more detail in maps, better in low light, burns battery a lot quicker.
    When fully lit up its easier to read in all ambient lighting situations I'd say.
    The AMOLED screen is perfectly visible during outdoor activities.
    Without Always on mode the screen turns off when idle, but comes back on when you raise your wrist. This gives battery life almost as good as a fenix.
    If you enable Always on mode then a (slightly less detailed) watch face is always visible, but at a lower brightness. Even at the lower brightness its generally legible at a glance indoors. If you move/raise your wrist it'll light up to full brightness. This reduces the battery life to about 6 days, but for most people thats not a practical problem, and worth it to keep the time available at a glance. Its worth noting though that the dimmer AOD mode is hard to see at a glance when outdoors (but a wrist movement will light it up to full brightness, which is easy to see in any conditions)

    Fenix 7 Pro
    - MIPS screen - lower resolution, truly always on (and the screen does not lose detail when idle) - but needs ambient light (or to enable the backlight). Very easy to see outdoors. Indoors generally fine to see at a glance, but not as good as an AMOLED screen. At night/very low light you will need to tap a button to trigger the backlight to see the time. (I think you can enable gesture to trigger the backlight, but I wouldn't bother - button press is generally fine, as its only in very low light you can't see it) Battery lasts significantly longer if you want an always on screen.

    Battery life comparison:


    Its personal preference I guess as to which you prefer. I prefer the MIPS screen on the Fenix as I want AOD, but I want that to be easy to read outdoors as well as indoors without any wrist gesture, and its not so in-your-face in low light conditions, but many others prefer the AMOLED screen on the EPIX as it just looks better!
  5. chris.woolstencroft's avatar
    Got mine last week for 450 when the other deals were on.
    Hussain123's avatar
    Have u received it yet, I'm waiting for mine
  6. y_geordie's avatar
    Got the £280 non sapphire deal from a few weeks ago - watch is amazing
    redjas71's avatar
  7. Unfitguy's avatar
    Decided to buy one, long time Garmin fan Im sure this will be awesome
  8. kris1234's avatar
    Again ???
    Unfitguy's avatar
    I couldnt see this posted happy to Expire if its already up ?
  9. Maverick200's avatar
    This one is currently in stock
    CalinB's avatar
    Doubt it. Ordered it this sunday, 7 to 10 days delivery. (edited)
  10. tubster76's avatar
    Nice find OP. I have the cheaper H Samuel Epix 2 and I am very pleased with it, takes some getting used to but extremely capable.
  11. Samjones1989's avatar
    Spoke to them to chase all orders were shipped yesterday so I got tracking mine showing Monday delivery .
  12. milady's avatar
    Do any women have this and find it fits on their wrist OK?
  13. karlis3's avatar
    I can confirm that first class watches are willing to price match this to 525£
    geo_fly's avatar
    Guessing the same colour?
  14. RAH112's avatar
    I ended up returning mine, the watch just wouldn't update, would not apply any new watch face through the connect app and the touch screen sometimes didn't work, so had to continuously press the buttons. The watch was overly complicated.
    CalinB's avatar
    I'm quite happy with it. But the initial setup is a bit finicky. It needs a 2.4 wifi and also needs not to be hidden. After that, it works fine even if you hide again the network (at least it does for my older one). Took a while to find a strap that works with that colour though... I like the Milanese loops but those aren't the lightest when it comes to using the watch for what is intended...sport.

    All in all, I'm 90% sure I'll keep it for myself and not resell it as per the original plan
     52831732-wj26s.jpg (edited)
  15. HiddenPenguin's avatar
    Gutted I missed the £449 price, but at £525 it's still the cheapest I have seen it. Garmin sell at £899, with a Bluelightcard discount to £765. Searching the rest of Google's ads, the other cheapest are around £600. Amazon's price is so high, I can't muster the effort to press that many keys.

    Heat added, and trying very hard to resist. Really not helping that I can see Fenix 6X Pro selling for £250 on ebay, which means this watch is £275 cost for me. And some very questioning looks from the missus.
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