GARMIN Fenix 3 Watch - Sapphire and wrist HR - £310 (as low as £294 possible) - Blacks

GARMIN Fenix 3 Watch - Sapphire and wrist HR - £310 (as low as £294 possible) - Blacks

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Price: I saw Fenix 3 on Blacks website for £345 (pretty good). I wanted to look at it/handle ahead of buying. I rang my local Blacks store. They didn't have stock, but said if I bought via store they will knock 10% off. I went into store on Sat 20th Jan, had a quick chat about watch options that best suit me, decided on Fenix 3, then asked about discount in passing (open question, not even a request) and they offered 15% off. I don't believe I was talking to Store Manager. I've only accounted for 10% discount in headline price. Standard home delivery is free, or next day for £1 only (I got this). Total price for me was £294.10. Blacks said that if I have any problems, a can return to store no problem.

Why I bought: I've been looking for a replacement for my falling to bits Suunto Core. I want a "do everything don't take it off" watch, robust, altimeter/barometer, some smart phone connectivity, HR for occasional use, and GPS. This watch achieves this and much much more. It has considerable fitness training features too, like advanced running dynamics stride length, vertical ratio, VO2 max, recovery advisor etc.

Yes the Fenix 5 is out - slightly smaller, bigger screen etc - but the Fenix 3 is still a great watch and fantastic value compared to Fenix (upwards of £500+).

This watch has the sapphire scratch-resistant screen (which I will need!). The firmware is the same as the standard edition.

My Suunto Core has been great, and I was looking at similar (Core or Traverse) replacement. But the functionality is no where near that of the Fenix. Yes it's slightly more money, but considering I rarely buy the difference (for me) is very much worth it.

Garmin blurb: The Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire HR Watch is a stylish, technical watch that is ideal for any outdoorsman who wants to measure their performance. The stainless steel EXO™ antenna receives both GPS and GLONASS signals to provide accurate and responsive location readings. The watch face features a 1.2” Chroma Display™, a durable, clear and bright interface that remains functional in direct sunlight.

  • Stainless steel EXO™ antenna - receives GPS and GLONASS signals for pinpoint locational accuracy.
  • Elevate™ heart rate technology - monitors pulse at wrist and harvests information on performance.
  • 1.2” Garmin Chroma Display™ - high strength domed, sapphire lens provides clarity in bright sunlight.
  • Comprehensive fitness training measures - including advanced running dynamics, stride length, vertical ratio, VO2 max, recovery advisor.
  • Fully operative navigation facility - includes 3 axis compass, barometric altimeter and TracBack® feature.
  • Supported by Connect IQ - completely customisable by downloading apps, widgets, data fields and faces.
  • Water Rating 10 ATM: Suitable for splashes, rain or snow, showering, swimming, diving into water, snorkelling and high-speed watersports. Unsuitable for scuba diving
  • 32MB built in memory
  • Stores 100 hours of activity data
  • Up to 2 weeks battery life
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Good price for the sapphire glass version. Heat! I still haven’t decided which watch to go for. The Fenix 5S looks fantastic, so I may hang fire and wait for a good deal on that
"robust, altimeter/barometer" - I've got the Fenix 3 non-HR. Altimeter has broken, conveniently packed up 12 months and 2 weeks after I bought it. Garmin charge £130 to replace it with a refurbished watch with a 90 day warranty, and their customer support is absolutely shocking (30-40 minute wait on phone calls, e-mails replied to 3 days later with generic script answers etc.) It was a great watch before that, but just a heads up.
Bang per buck, this is hands down the bees knees of running watches.
Sounds good, heat added. Out of interest where was the store?
Useless website, won't accept any codes not even student discount for this watch.... Price should state £340 cause not everyone will get the discount and you were just lucky.
Store was Bristol, city centre. Full marks to the staff - helpful, knew their stuff and knew what each others areas of expertise were.
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