Garmin Forerunner 305 Watch With GPS & Heart Rate Monitor £121.99 delivered at Amazon
Garmin Forerunner 305 Watch With GPS & Heart Rate Monitor £121.99 delivered at Amazon

Garmin Forerunner 305 Watch With GPS & Heart Rate Monitor £121.99 delivered at Amazon

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I've been looking for a gps watch for a few days and this is at a great price, also free super saver delivery.

In the box you get

Box Contents
# Forerunner® 305
# Heart Rate Monitor
# Garmin Training Center CD
# Docking Cradle
# Expander Strap
# A/C Charger
# PC/USB Interface Cable
# Quick Start Guide
# Owner's Manual

some info on the watch

Form meets function with Garmin's high-performance line of personal trainers — the Forerunner 305 and 205. The Forerunner 305 includes a high sensitivity GPS receiver, new courses feature and robust wireless heart rate monitor for optimal performance.
Lock On to Satellite Signals

Forerunner 305 sports a unique design that wraps the GPS antenna around part of the wrist for a better view of the sky, and its high sensitivity GPS receiver provides highly accurate speed and distance data, as well as improved tracking under trees and near tall buildings. Forerunner 305 also sports a robust ANT+™ wireless heart rate monitor with softer, more comfortable chest strap and superior battery life. It eliminates cross-talk with other devices to reliably measure and send heart rate data, and it helps you train in your optimal heart rate zone.
Take It to the Next Level

Forerunner 305's courses feature lets you compete against previous workouts: you can compare your pace and heart rate to your past performance over the same run. You also can use Forerunner 305 to train for your next duathlon or triathlon with multi-sport workouts, a feature that lets you seamlessly transition between sports without resetting the unit, so you can use it for running, biking and more.

Train indoors and still track your distance, pace and calories burned with the optional Foot Pod accessory. This wireless sensor attaches to your running shoe and transmits distance and pace data to your Forerunner 305 so you can still use it when GPS reception is unavailable.
Get the Data You Need

You can customise any of Forerunner 305's three main data screens — up to 12 data fields give you instant feedback on your workout. And, as with every Forerunner, each workout is stored in memory so you can review and analyse the data and see how you've improved over time.
Track Your Progress

As an added benefit, you can plan, analyse and store data from your workouts using free Garmin Training Center® software, which lets you analyse data with interactive graphs that chart your pace, time, distance and heart rate. Overlay your run on a map so you can pinpoint specific areas and see how elevation and other factors affect your performance. Or, upload your workout data to MotionBased.com, Garmin's Web-based application that provides in-depth analysis of your workouts, online mapping and route sharing that will take your training to the next level. Endurance athletes also can use the Forerunner with TrainingPeaks.com, an easy-to-use Web-based training system designed to help athletes train for any event.


OH SO TEMPTED!!! Must.resist.more.training.gadgets....

If didnt have the rs400 already then at this price I'd buy now.

Pretty good deal. Add on the extra but essential bike and running units takes it to £200ish, which is the price range of the polar rs400 but with all the good features of the £300 rs800.

Anybody know if the HRM strap with this is compatible with [lifefitness] gym gear?

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I have no idea. When mine arrives i'll see if it says anything in the manual! I doubt it would though!

I'm getting this because i did the Great North run in 2 hours 6 mins but wanted to do it under 2 hours and maybe 1 hour 50. I had no watch so just ran! I could have run faster but it was to late by the time i knew i was behind time! gutted! this should save me from the dissapointment next time!

Just get one!!!

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You could also get another fiver off if you follow this post


No longer being sold by Amazon:

"Item Under Review

This product is not currently offered by Amazon.co.uk because a customer recently told us that the item he or she received was not as described.

We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you may still find this product available from other sellers on this page."

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Now upto £144.34

I think I need this bit of kit!

Price drop to £116.11 delivered
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