Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS Multisport Watch £99.95 Sold by High Brow and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS Multisport Watch £99.95 Sold by High Brow and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Found 1st Sep 2015
Great watch that i picked up only 4 weeks ago and does exactly what it says on the tin, a little bulky but very lightweight.

Seems to be the lowest ever price compared on cammel.

The Garmin Forerunner 310XT is a multi-sport, swim-proof GPS watch, ideal for triathletes and dedicated athletes. The Forerunner 310XT has a 20 hour battery life and is waterproof (IPX7), making it an indispensable training tool.
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so tempted to upgrade my forerunner 110.... aagh damn you hotukdeals

so tempted to upgrade my forerunner 110.... aagh damn you hotukdeals

this is a bit old now, if you want to upgrade i'd probably go for this for £30 more:…ch/

that was the first place i looked so might be able to get it cheaper if you shop around
Might be a bit old but it depends on what you want it for.
If you're doing longer events such as Ultra Marathons that can take anything from 10-36 hrs, the battery life on the 310XT is more than double the 220 (8hrs or less usually).
These are great but watch out for battery issues as these are now very old stock. Known issue with switching off despite displaying 50%+ battery.

Also these use ant+ for data transfer which can be problematic.

As above, now the 225 is out, the 220 has dropped in price and is a great bit of kit.

I moved from the 610 to 220 6 months or so back and despite losing a few features and going from 4 to 3 display fields, it still feels like a decent upgrade.
Had a couple of garmin GPS watches over the years. Got this 2 yrs ago. Absolutely bullet proof. No issues whatsoever. Battery life fantastic and no ant+ issues. Easy to use and waterproof too. £99... Bargain.
Definitely a bargain at the price. Doesn't have the modern-day gadgetry of the recent watches - the 920XT is the modern equivalent - but if you're not bothered about all the bluetooth stuff and notifications (hell, I got a sport watch so I DIDN'T need to carry my mobile around with me) it should do fine.

My only reservation is to double check it still works with Windows 10. I've no knowledge either way, but have been caught out with old hardware being 'obsoleted' by new versions of Windows.

If you want to compare all the different options visit the DC Rainmaker website as he does put a lot of information about a lot of different kit on there, complete with a 'compare' tool.

At the very least you'll be able to confirm it does all that you want. The advantage of the big triathlon watches is that they have big batteries on them to get through the longer events, and they often can be charged whilst being used. I use the Fenix 2 which has been superseded in the last few months and it shares these advantages.

Hope that's useful.:3
I have had this watch for a year. It is fantastic. It may be slightly old but the info it can tell you is amazing. It can show up to 4 data field per screen. Everything you could possibly want it can tell you. Gradient, elevation, all sorts of average speeds, cadence, power, heart rate. I love the virtual partner. You set your benchmark speed and you try to beat it. Also if you do a route you can go back to it and try and beat your best. Also there's the guide me home button which will direct you back to the start. Really is a great watch. I had a smaller forerunner a few years ago and this is great. However it is not an everyday watch like the smaller forerunners could be. Battery is fantastic!
Comes up as 130 now?
I got 18 hours something from mine at the weekend during a 24hr race.
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