Garmin GPS C320 Streetpilot Europe - only £ 209.95 delivered

Garmin GPS C320 Streetpilot Europe - only £ 209.95 delivered

Found 8th Jul 2006
Great price on this unit - this is retailing for £373 @ amazon at the minute! Using the voucher code below, you can get this delivered from for £209.95! Never get lost again - you know that horrible situation where you are trying to give directions, and there's a wrong turn somwhere and you both end up really angry and there's an awkward silence for half an hour....well, maybe that's just me!

This product gets excellent reviews (See the comments here for links). For a full spec on this model, see the pixmania website.

Promotion code: camerabuyer0606 (£10 off)

Details: In-car navigation has never been easier—or more affordable. Our StreetPilot "c-series" GPS navigators feature a simple touchscreen interface, with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions along the way. Selecting a destination is straightforward and requires only a limited amount of input from the user. Plus, the StreetPilot c320 allow you to choose between a three-dimensional navigation view or the more traditional “bird’s eye” overhead view. For the ultimate out-of-the-box convenience, the StreetPilot c320 comes preprogrammed with highly detailed MapSource City Select street data. The database features nearly six million points of interest—including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions.
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=#cc6600]Product Features

[*]Audible and visual navigation instructions and warnings
[*]Built-in lithium ion battery for trip planning
[*]operates on DC power in your vehicle
[*]WAAS-enabled, 12 parallel channel GPS unit for automotive use
[*]Built-in antenna
[*]Removable 128 MB SD memory card[/LIST]

Read the amazon customer reviews ][COLOR=blue]here [/COLOR]

See Lordpercy's review ][COLOR=blue]here [/COLOR]

Read the trusted reviews ][COLOR=blue]here [/COLOR]
I want one but the Pixmania digicam and camerabuyer codes do not seem to work and no stock till 11th July.
I tried it with camerabuyer0606, as shown in the post above. And £10 cam off the price. Is that not working for you lurka?

P.S> July 11th is only 3 days away!
:lol: But I have no patience! Tried the code and it worked, there was a space at the end I think. Thanks for this, karma given.
You're very welcome lurka, thanks for the karma too! Hope it goes well for you. Once you've used it, I'd love to hear how you get on with it!
is this battery operated or do you power up to the cig lighter

On the spec page it says it have a lithium ion battery, and it comes with a 12V power cable. (Isn't the 12Volt the cigarette lighter cable?)

To me this means that it is both battery operated, and powered by the cigarette lighter as well, and you can charge from this cable as well.
Really good price for this Emma It gets okay reviews too.
I don't know if those are in the box, but I would have thought so, as it's meant to use whilst traveling
Pixmania only states the included accessories as a Power cable 12 V, and a USB cable. The docking station thing shown in the pic above is shown as an extra that you can purchase I believe, but I suppose you don't know until you receive it and open the box! Thanks Ray!
You're welcome. It would be a bit silly if it didn't come with an in-car charger, as that's where you use it lol
Well, isn't the 12V power cable the in-car charger?
Yeah that's what I meant :roll:
Don't forget 3% Quidco too
I would like to take this with me to spain in a few weeks and use in a hire car,i take it it would be easy to set up and take away afterwards


I would like to take this with me to spain in a few weeks and use in a … I would like to take this with me to spain in a few weeks and use in a hire car,i take it it would be easy to set up and take away afterwardscheers

Probably would be grand to set up and use. This is just the kind of thing that would be perfect for. . As we've mentioned before, the 12V cable means it will run in the car and be powered from the cigarette lighter in your rental car. It comes with the Europe maps included.
Right, got one eventually as in stock on the 11th turned into 19th and then not a weekend delivery so it was the Monday when ParcelForce turned up. The c320 is well built and comes preloaded with the France map and had a european connector for the mains to USB charger but they had thrown in a converter to UK 3 pin so no probs there. In the box there is all the stuff in the pic above, ie a car charger etc.. and it will charge from a PC's USB as well.
I changed the enclosed SD card to use the English maps (Maps are on a DVD with the rest of Europe) without a hitch.
One function that I had concerns about was using postcodes for destinations but it accepts postcodes (recent s/w upgrade apparently) so I tried it on a run near home and it works perfectly, very accurate. Tried the POI function for speed cameras as well and it accepted the files available from elsewhere ;-) and now beeps when they are near.
Everything I wanted from a SatNav so no complaints about the Garmin c320, only the in stock date moving, the delivery, the fact that Pixmania debited the credit card straightaway not when it was dispatched and now its only £199, £189 with voucher!
Well, mostly good reports there lurka!! Thank you for letting us know how you got on.
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