Garmin Index Smart Scale £89.99 Amazon - Prime Exclusive

Garmin Index Smart Scale £89.99 Amazon - Prime Exclusive

Found 13th Nov 2017
Also available from Currys PC World at this price.
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Seems to have very similar features to these Xiaomi scales @ £30:…tml

Obvious difference in shipping times, but a third of the price.
Depends if you use Garmin connect as your main fitness hub. This is the only scale that talks to connect properly.
£90 for scales? You having a laugh
Love Garmin watches and both Wife & I have one and use Garmin Connect. These scales are great and although expensive I don't regret getting them at all.
Back to £99 now.
The withings/nokia is £47 on amazon at the moment (edit: this doesnt have body fat etc!). You can hook it to garmin connect using a bit of hack: Withings -> MyFitnessPal -> Garmin Connect. Works fine for me tho you only get the weight and none of the other metrics.

The garmin and withings are different to the xiaomi. They have wifi so you dont need to do anything to track data. Wheres the xiaomi will need to sync to phone.

Obviously nobody *needs* a smart scales. But we're definitely delighted with ours. Bought last year on a deal list here. Great to track kids weight aswell. They just need to stand on scales whenever they want and you track using app. My son has eosinophilic esophagitis so we need to make sure he's putting enough weight on.
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