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Posted 1 May 2024

Garmin Instinct 2 via Perks At Work (with code)

£138.59£219.9937% off
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Go via Perks At Work and use code PAW-SPRING2024 for an extra 10% off.

You need a Perks At Work account (usually via your employer) but people have been able to just sign-up using their own email address and picking a random company name.

In-depth review: dcrainmaker.com/202…tml

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  1. johncrawford's avatar
    If you don't want solar (who really does when this can do up to 30days), pay by watch or the torch...this is amazing. Having said that, I've just upgraded from the instinct 2 to the 2x on the same cracking deal
    UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    I had the solar version, the solar is useless gimmick on it.

    You literally have to take your watch off and leave it in sun to get any meaningful result
  2. 1lemon0's avatar
    Can’t seem to get the price via perks at work, gutted any tips welcome 🙏 
    mrbo's avatar
    When going through the options, the solar watch is automatically selected. If you select no in the 'solar' option the price will reduce.
  3. freddyfender's avatar
    If I remember rightly I think blulight do a Garmin discount
    Red_5's avatar
    Yes bluelight works and with the code
  4. FlamingSpaz's avatar
    Is there also a discount for the crossover?
    blake_7's avatar
  5. Interloper's avatar
    What a price this is. If you can live without Garmin Pay, this is a terrific deal. The non-solar screen is way more legible too and solar is of limited benefit in the UK anyway.
    low_level_devel's avatar
    It's pretty comical though when you go abroad for a couple of weeks and come back with the same charge! Overall worth it, prob not!
  6. Andrew-80's avatar
    Excellent watch. Battery lasts ages.
  7. UltraValue_Tech's avatar
    Awesome price & great watch apart from the absolutely terrible stepcounter which undercounts like a third of your steps you take...

    Btw instinct 3 is about to launch...
  8. AlexNuggz's avatar
    Great deal, I've bought it via Perksatwork for the mentioned price
  9. tascheman's avatar
    I bought the 2X Tactical on the same deal with should arrive today.

    My Instinct Solar will go to my boy but may be a bit big for his 14 year old wrists - so may end up getting him one of these
    low_level_devel's avatar
    There's the 2s too...I also bought a 2x which just arrived. The IS2 is a little big for my daughter. Annoying that the 2s costs more
  10. chrissafc's avatar
    sashforth's avatar
    You can touch it if you like, but nothing will happen as a result 😁
  11. alcurtis93's avatar
    Could someone share their perks at work with me to be able to grab this deal?
    blake_7's avatar
    you can sign up yourself (see description)
  12. bluejmc2005's avatar
    Which Garmin would people recommend for sleep tracking?
    blake_7's avatar
    Think sleep tracking broadly similar across Garmin models but maybe Vivoactive 5? It's more lifestyle-oriented and not too chunky so should be comfortable to wear at night.
  13. chrissafc's avatar
  14. benjamink1985's avatar
    yea not working now? says items in your car are not eligible for this discount (edited)
  15. AM700's avatar
    How’s sleep tracking nowadays on garmin watches ? Still ? (edited)
  16. mister.c.'s avatar
    Can somebody with Totum please check if this deal is available as without joining I can't check, that's the only one of the routes I can legitimately join and use. Thank you.
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