Garmin Nuvi 205W with UK and ROI GPS Sat Nav  "Half Price" £49.99 @ Argos

Garmin Nuvi 205W with UK and ROI GPS Sat Nav "Half Price" £49.99 @ Argos

Found 23rd Feb 2011Made hot 23rd Feb 2011
Garmin Nuvi 205W with UK and ROI GPS Sat Nav.

Model number Nuvi 205W

* The Garmin Nuvi 205W with UK and ROI GPS Sat Nav will lead the way with turn-by-turn directions and a unique, advanced Cyclops safety camera warning system. Includes windscreen suction mount and car charger. One month free trial on safety camera alerts.
* Slot for a removable memory card.
Card not included.
* 4.3in touch screen.
* Pre-loaded maps for UK and Republic of Ireland.
* Full postcode search.
* Dynamic routing.
* Eco route for fuel efficient navigation.
* Safety camera alerts - subscription required.


* 2D and 3D mapping.
* Points of interest.
* Photoviewer.

General information:

* Car charger.
* Includes windscreen suction mount.
* Up to 4 hours battery life.
* Weight 173g.
* Size H7.4, W12.2, D2cm.
* EAN/Barcode: 753759079031.

Additional Information

This item is excluded from the 30 day money back guarantee. See the Additional Information panel for full details. Please note that this product is excluded from our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. This does not affect your statutory rights.

* Please note item 5042829 has previously been on sale at £74.99.

Current selling price valid until 01/03/2011


Used a garmin, was far more impressed with the brother in laws tom tom, spending extra to get the xl

None around me but reserved one in Sudbury

Uhm this has a memory card slot, will look at reviews


decent enough product for money, would prefer the tomtom though

These are thinner and neater than TomTom. They do the job well but I understand they are not quite so intuitive to set up?

I have the previous version to this.....very good sat navs. The main reason i purchased it over the tom tom was the size as it were alot thinner , hence easier to carry around. 50 notes is a steal.....

You can also get the standard screen for same price on offer…htm

Question is which is better the widescreen or standard size?

Got this the other day and its great, really easy to use! Would def say widescreen instead of standard mind

Anyone know of a mega cheap sat nav deal with Euro maps? TomTom preferred but open to suggestions

an ok price but not great...i bought TomTom Start Europe from Asda Direct for 69.71 in october. plus i got cash back via a site.
i just got a TomTom Go 950 Live for £160 from has Europe, USA & Canada. there may still be stock at some stores.

Just hte job, my TomTom 500 packed up at the weekend, just managed to bag the last one in Wigan. Cheers OP perfecet timing!

whats that argos stock checking website called again (if anyone knows what im on about)?

Great price IFyou can find stock.

None around me



Uhm this has a memory card slot, will look at reviews

Don't expect to use simplesatnavs website as it got taken down. I bought a binatone b430 a few months back and never got round to putting tom tom on it. Tried googling but the best I could come up with was a tom tom 6 install. Just as out of date as the original software, but a much better interface.

What platform does this run on- is it easy to install other satnav apps/maps on and how?

Old model but great price, I love Garmins

Got one of these and one of the TomToms reserved... Not sure which one to go for. Don't like the idea of the TomTom not having an SD card slot, but it sounds as if it's possibly a slightly better system than this one.

I've been using a Garmin for years and love it. Easy to use and acurate and clear directions that have ALLWAYS got me there.

Faythur price IF you can find stock.None around … price IF you can find stock.None around me

thanks for that but yeah no stock

I have one reserved at Harwich branch which Im not going to collect now so pm me if you want the res number. FCFS

Been looking to buy sat nav for years, good price & bagged the last one near my workplace (Blandford Forum).

Bet my wife still moans I'm spending money even though she's the person that needs it lol

Stock found at:

Lancaster St. Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster(0187)
Morecambe The Amdale Centre, Morecambe(0321)
Barrow-in-Furness Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness(0291)

Though they're >50mi away, so of no use to me

Cant find stock near to me


Cant find stock near to me

Are you using the Argos stock checker?
Much better than the clunky inefficient official website.

Does it runs on windows CE? Anyone?

Great price of you can find any stock. I've just had an email from Halfords:

Garmin Nuvi 205W Sat Nav - UK & ROIGarmin Nuvi 205W sat nav comes packed … Garmin Nuvi 205W Sat Nav - UK & ROIGarmin Nuvi 205W sat nav comes packed with all the essential features plus with an extra wide 4.3" screen, giving you a clear view.£87.55

Erm, at that price, no thanks!

is this expired? cant seem to find it
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