Garmin Nuvi 250 Satellite Navigation System With European Mapping - Now £86.50 delivered @ Amazon!

Garmin Nuvi 250 Satellite Navigation System With European Mapping - Now £86.50 delivered @ Amazon!

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The Garmin n?250 includes many travel tools including JPEG picture viewer, world travel clock with time zones, currency converter, measurement converter, calculator and more. It also comes with Garmin Lock, an anti-theft feature, and configurable vehicle icons that let you select car-shaped graphics to show your location on the map. Optional plug-in SD cards for travel guides provide detailed data for attractions, so you can customize n?for your travel needs.

* High-Sensitive GPS receiver
* 3.5inch Widescreen display
* Pre-loaded with Western & Eastern European mapping
* Pre-loaded Saftey Cameras


great i have the nuvi 200 never gone wrong yet.

Good price.

Does anyone know how up to date the maps are on this?


Does anyone know how up to date the maps are on this?

garmin let u update them online within x days from purchase if a newer one is available foc

ok I need to know is the best to buy and I want one with blue tooth and I dont have to pay to update just an all good all round device .

yeah - me too - I'm after a reliable signal GPS with bluetooth for hands free phone use and one where it's posible to update the maps without any charge. Not bothered about speed camera locations of points of interest. Anyone recommend the best one for this?

Any ideas how easy/expensive it would be to download usa maps onto this?

USA Mapping via SD Card, just buy it and plug in and choose country. Around £35.00 I think have a look on ebay.

Can only find mapping cards for £60 is this about right or are there cheaper ways?

You can get tom tom europe for a few quid more thats what I would ne getting for this sort of money....

I've got one of these and its dead good (Although I paid £150 a year ago! Quick to locate satellites, good battery life, never sends you the wrong way up the motorway, clear screen, good touch screen, Postcode searching. I think it has newer mapping software than Tom Tom too. Top machine.

Not cheaper but Halfords are doing it for £87.50 with voucher so if you need it urgently you can reserve and collect. The voucher code is HALGAR250.

Don't know whether to go for this or the Navigo from Ebuyer, anyone know if this is as hackable as the Navigo?

Navigo is rubbish, Garmins are better than tom toms unless u want the fancy extras like bluetooth.
Ive got the Garmin 200 and my bf has the Garmin 250 their exactly the same just 250 can be used in europe, we used his in Brussels and put it into pedestrian version- not sure if you can do this with Navigos or other sat navs, but v useful if you are not always driving! and had no problem getting around at all. Reliable software- like all satnavs not 100% but better than tomtoms- tomtoms software always has gliches/problems- keep having to update them. Garmin has the security pin access device where nobody else can enter your satnav unless they know your password- so feel safe to store all your home and friends addresses!
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