Garmin Oregon 300 Handheld £244.66 (was £344.99) delivered @ Amazon
Garmin Oregon 300 Handheld £244.66 (was £344.99) delivered @ Amazon

Garmin Oregon 300 Handheld £244.66 (was £344.99) delivered @ Amazon

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Great handheld GPS, very highly rated, best i coud find delivered,
£275 @ Play, £329 @ Outdoorgear, excellent Trustedreviews score (link in next post)

* Touch and go
Oregons revolutionary touchscreen interface puts every
feature at your fingertips. Just pick a function, press and go.
An integrated screen lock removes risk of accidental activation.
* Menu simplicity
An easy-to-use touchscreen menu makes navigating Oregon a breeze. Simply scroll through the bright, bold icons with a brush of your thumb, scan the options and tap to choose. Spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less searching for information.
* High-resolution display
A bright, sunlight-readable colour screen, with adjustable backlight, aids navigation in all conditions. Clear mapping and controls give you the tools to find your way back whether roaming the wilderness or strolling a country track.
* Built-in mapping
Oregon 300s built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief contains landscape features including lakes, rivers, cities, major roads, railways and coastlines.
* Store and expand
Oregons internal memory means you can save map data, trip information like routes and tracks and even photos. Plug in a microSD data card for additional storage and slot in marine, street map or topographic mapping to match your activity.
* Automatic routing
When its not guiding you on adventures by track or trail, Oregon can also handle the road. Enjoy turn-by-turn directions by plugging in optional TOPO GB or City Navigator mapping cards.
* 3D elevation view
Appreciate the surrounding terrain with Oregons 3D views. Visualise the contours on topographic maps to enjoy a better perspective of your elevation and understand your onward adventure.
* Geocaching and GPS games
Discover the buzzing world of geocaching or raise your game to
new heights. Oregon supports Geocaching.com GPX files so you
can download caches, terrain and location detail straight to the
unit. Built-in GPS games offer more ideas for your leisure.
* Image viewer
Use Oregons Picture Viewer to transfer and browse images on the unit. You might want to save a motivational photo to spur you on an outdoor challenge, save memorable excursion snaps or keep a visual reference of the next stage of the journey.
* High-sensitivity GPS receiver
Garmin mapping handhelds contain a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, designed for optimum view of the sky. Quickly and strongly lock onto a signal and benefit from improved tracking under trees and near tall buildings.
* Staying power
With 18 hours charge from just two AA batteries, you
can depend on Oregon to endure any outdoor activity -
whether going out and about for some fresh air or planning
a full-days excursion.
* Waterproof design
Waterproof to IPX7 standard, if you can brave the elements, Oregon can too. Theres no need to take cover in a downpour and no problem navigating on the water or across wetlands. The MicroSD card slot is inside the waterproof battery compartment too.
* Track Log
Save multiple points on your journey as a Track Log for an accurate record of your route. Reverse the path to return to
your start point or share and review in Google Earth when
you get home.
* Route ahead
Plan and transfer new routes on your PC and send direct to Oregon. Or save an enjoyable journey to make a return trip. Wirelessly-enabled Oregons can share waypoints, routes,
tracks and geocaches unit-to-unit.
* Trail-plotting functions
Your GPS mapping handheld has ample memory to save and store route data. Whether a waypoint, favourite or location, save multiple locations on your unit and Garmin will guide
you straight there or make it part of a future route.
* On-board memory
Theres ample space onboard your Oregon to save key
routes, points or journey data. If you want to build up
a collection of favourite journeys, just slot in a MicroSD
data card for extra storage.
* Electronic compass
Ideal for manual navigation off the beaten track, a built-in electronic compass keeps you on course, however far you
stray from the path. It even gives bearing information when standing still. Seek out a saved waypoint and navigate easily
to a mapped position.
* Barometric altimeter
A built-in barometer tracks changes in atmospheric pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude. The altimeter screen plots elevation and profile. You can even plot barometric pressure over time to keep an eye on changing weather conditions.
* Environment information
Oregon is packed with essential data to boost your outdoor pursuits. With sun and moon information, tide tables and a hunt / fish calendar, get in the know about whats going on and remain aware of your surroundings.
* Area calculation
Sum up the total area enclosed by a saved track to calculate the reach of a specified region. Surveying a property or evaluating an expanse of land? This useful tool will bring you the bigger picture.
* PC link-up
Oregons USB interface lets you sync it up to your PC to transfer maps and journey data.
Plan and review your routes and pick out key stops before you leave the house.
* Download routes and tracks
While it thrives on voyages of discovery, Oregon can also navigate routes recommended by others. Just download a track from a route sharing site and import to Oregon to retrace the adventure.
* Unit-to-unit transfer
The Oregon 300 and 400t let you sync up and transfer routes, tracks, points and caches wirelessly with other users. Share your adventures with friends or show them where to
find you. Sharing your Oregon data is easy one tap and youre away!
* Preloaded mapping
The three models within the Oregon series come with a selection of preloaded basemaps


If you go to the amazon page, then click on New/Used - There is a shop or 2 on there selling them at £239.89 with free shipping

Planer Gizmo (i think its called)

[url]www.satmap.com[/url] - much better device IMHO and I have used both. It's probably cheaper than the Garmin too.


[url]www.satmap.com[/url] - much better device IMHO and I have used both. … [url]www.satmap.com[/url] - much better device IMHO and I have used both. It's probably cheaper than the Garmin too.

i sell GPS and the sat map is much better and rugged,the garmin has a touch screen not ideal for outdoor use with gloves on:whistling:
good price though

good price, but unfortunately £175.00 + delivery at Field and Trek- see ]http//ho…-w/

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