Posted 10 December 2022

Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Wrist HR Multisport Watch - £214.74 + £3.95 delivery @ e-outdoor

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Garmin sports watch, seems a good price, an older model but still has all you need to keep track of your activity, I have the Forunner 245 and it's encouraged me with my 5k runs. Battery life is amazing and very light..
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    935's are great watches but it's a lot of money for a 5.5 year old design. For that budget my preference would be for the Forerunner 245 or 745. I upgraded my 235 to an immaculate 745 last year on eBay though if I was to make the same decision today I'd stretch to the recently released 255. (edited)
    I had (have) the 935 and that's the right answer. Get a newer watch like the 245 or 255.
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    I'm sure its still a decent watch, but very long in the tooth now.

    Id suggest you spend a little more and get a Forerunner 255 Instead - which AFAIK can do everything this can + a whole lot more, has the newest GPS, longer battery life, Garmin Pay (and optionally music) + all the latest sports metrics.

    You can still get the 15% off code at Limited Coupon Code (wayin.com) for All Products | SportsShoes.com - which would make a standard forerunner 255 cost £254.15 (or £287.49 for a music edition)
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    As others have said, this is still a perfectly capable watch but things have moved on since it was launched two models ago.

    If you want mapping then the 955 (which I have) is your watch, otherwise the 255. If you are happy with a slightly smaller watch face then sportsshoes are still doing the 255s at £249 which makes it about £217 delivered after using the 15% code.

    Edit 11/12/22: the 255s is sold out at Sportsshoes now. (edited)
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    Not a good deal, very old watch, you can get newer watches for a similar price.
    No sw updates, maybe worth £150 max.
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    Thanks for sharing your first deal @Filbet
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    Awful deal.