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Posted 27 August 2022

Garmin Varia RTL515 Rearview Cycling Radar and Tail Light £129.99 @ Amazon

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Cheapest I can find this anywhere. People I ride with have these with the Garmin UT800 front light and they’re fantastic. Really bright with the built in radar sensor warning of approaching vehicles from behind with an audible beep and a distance indicator on your Garmin head unit.

Rearview radar with tail light provides awareness of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 metres away
Pairs seamlessly with your Edge bike computer and compatible smartphone as well as select Garmin wearables or the radar display unit
When used with your compatible smartphone, the Varia app provides graphics — plus tone and vibration alerts — that indicate approaching cars
When used with a compatible smartphone, Varia radar integrates with third-party apps such as Ride with GPS to overlay your maps with rearview radar alerts
Daylight visibility up to 1 mile alerts motorists to your presence as soon as possible
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    I don't get these to be honest, if someone is right up your bum, which you can sense anyway, what action do you take to prevent a potential accident with this?
    This is a question which seems to come up frequently in these sorts of deals. Obviously these lights are not going to protect you from an accident if a vehicle drives into you (either because of poor driving, or under the influence of alcohol/drugs) - their purpose is to make you more visible to other road users (the lights change their flash pattern and become brighter as a vehicle approaches) - to reduce the chances of an accident - in the same way that wearing a helmet or a seatbelt doesn't guarantee you'll survive an accident, but it'll improve your chances! The radar can also detect the approximate difference in speed between you and the approaching vehicle and give different alerts sounds (on the phone app or supported head units) to let the rider know if a vehicle is approaching particularly fast - and take appropriate action if needed. Its also useful if you're riding along and spot a hazard such as a pothole, storm drain etc - if you know there is a vehicle behind you, you can either speed up to get around the pot-hole before the vehicle reaches you, or slow down to wait for it to pass before taking evasive action - rather than just blindly darting out into the middle of the road at a moments notice and causing the motorist to take evasive action.

    There's also the assumption that the cyclist can always hear vehicles - thats not always the case with wind or other environmental noise (e.g. a train on a track which runs parallel to the road) - car engines (both petrol and diesel) are much more efficient (and more importantly, quieter) these days - and with the push towards hybrid and electric vehicles, its only going to get quieter. The noise that most cyclists hear when a vehicle is approaching is the tyres on the road not the engine.

    These lights are not going to guarantee your safety in 100% of cases, but they are an extra set of rear-facing eyes for the cyclist to enhance their environmental awareness whilst also helping to make them more visible to other road users - to reduce the likelihood of an accident - as far as I'm concerned, that's a win-win for cyclists and motorists. (edited)
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    Great bit of kit, I’ve got the older version and wouldn’t be without it
    Agreed having used this for a few rides now it's worth every penny!
    Would whole heartedly recommend
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    This is useless, especially in the city. (edited)
    I've read (here and elsewhere) a plethora of comments (many with quite detailed feedback) from people who have stated that they actually own/use these, every single one has been positive...
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    Are they any versions of these with cameras in them?
    Brilliant item, there is a new version with a camera too but reviews are pretty poor, mainly the connection and app function
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    Out of interest, what are a few of these new devices from competing companies?

    I'm curious but I can't see me paying £100 on a light to tell me about approaching traffic, I have a Bike Eye mirror and take regular glances down to actually see what's behind me. I'm sure the concept would be laughed at by those people out there that think such a device might increase their aero resistance and reduce their speed by a fraction
    These are the other devices coming to market. I've never heard of either manufacturer so will withhold judgement until people have tried them.

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    Not substitute for road craft. Can only assume that those who think they are essential do not have that.
    It complements road craft. In the same way a rear view mirror in a car helps you see behind you (regardless of whether you're a good driver or not)
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    There's a car coming up behind, so what? Sounds more annoying than anything, you will end up being paranoid all the time
    If you read the entire thread, you'll see that people who actually own/use them tend to regard them as invaluable.
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    Most of my fellow cyclists have headphones on as they drift about on the road completely unaware of buses and trucks trying too actually show respect and safely pass, I wonder would the beeps override their spotify play lists.
    Maybe vehicles should all have their windows removed and no stereos in as well so they are aware of their surroundings too.
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    I love mine ... they're great on the road but I also like it when riding alone off road .. I do a lot of woodland and trail riding, trouble is ... and I can't help this.. its just the way I am .. but I sometimes can't shake the feeling that someone might be coming up behind me ... obviously I know they're not .. but the radar really helps dispel that feeling
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    These are really good. I would never be without mine. Never surprised by cars any more. I can’t always hear them with wind noise.
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    One of the best cycling products. Riding without it feels odd now

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    I've noticed a good number of road cyclists with them now and the light is more useful than I appreciated, great to see the number of people here who use them and appreciate the benefits. I'm still using the original version and such a handy device to have.
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    Such a shame the newly released RCT715 has such poor reviews I was so hoping it would justify the hefty price tag. Guess I’ll stick with the Cycliq fly 6 for now.

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    Exactly, fly6 is far from perfect but when paying >£350 for a camera/radar it needs to be the dogs.
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    These are great devices; been using them for 6-7yrs now, and feels strange when I don't have it. There is an IQ app that can tell you how fast a car is approaching from behind and give plenty of notice. Detects vehicles well before I am otherwise aware of them... I have been riding bikes for 40+ yrs and am pretty aware - this adds an additional dimension.

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    Check out My Bike Radar Traffic, it's excellent.
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    I have owned this for a while and managed to get it a little bit cheaper than the current price (£121), it is worth the price regardless. It gives you piece of mind what's behind you and if anything is travelling particularly fast. I like this as you can note if a slower moving vehicle tractor/lorry or even a car towing a caravan has been behind for a while it allows you to quickly swing by in a junction to let the traffic by.

    Personally though, I would wait, Magene has just released their radar (L508 ) and it is cheaper and from the reviews on par with the Garmin, there is also another one about to come to market soon so I'd expect to see these to be hitting the same price region very very soon ~£100. (edited)
    Thanks your the 1st to mention competition by name,
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    I would happily spend £130 for a piece of kit like this, but I think that not already having a bike computer means that the required outlay would be more like £400. (That's right isn't it?)
    Just checked there. I use mine(£114) with the Garmin Edge Explore which cost £150 so your talking around £300 for that combo plus mounts-cases. Cheaper options are available of course.
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    Interesting device. I got a Pass Wide sign for the back of my bike recently from Passpixi, that has a picture of a camera on, and there's been a real difference in driver behaviour as they overtake. It seems to make them think twice before slicing past too close.
    All for extra safety devices for cyclists, we are very vulnerable on the roads.

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    £14.50 Inc post for a large one that fits on a pannier, very strong magnets. You can get smaller ones which can go on clothing.
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    Great devices for the bike - a decent discount on the RRP although it has been occasionally available for a few quid less on Amazon (the most recent example being Prime Day in July). I suspect we'll see similar discounts again come Black Friday (if not before) - that said, if you need a rear light/radar right now then I'd have no issues recommending it, even at this price.
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    Maybe the last comment answered this but is this the newly released version??
    At present time, I’d say this was the best version to get.. hopefully Garmin go on to refine the camera experience [of their most recent model] but for now, at the asking price for that version I am happy to use this and my GoPros front and rear still
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    I guess Garmin will have to react to the pricing of the competing devices just launched...but will have a problem justifying the jump to to camera version. For me....a good price for a good product
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    I suspect this will be the new price as there is now competition at this price. At the moment I'd still be looking to buy the alternatives as those have USBC
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    Guessing the lumen output is higher that 515? Cant find anything better value than the Cateye Vizio 450 hyperflash mode

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    You can change the light modes from your cycle computer if it supports it. I use a Garmin 830 which works great
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    Been cheaper, but great bit of kit if cycling on rural roads.
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    WAIT FOR MAGENE L508 SENSOR.. cheaper more features and better it was just released.. Thats why this is selling cheaper, market competition. Wait if you can.
    Don't know if it's selling cheaper due to competition tbh. I got mine for £114 November last year. Like all gear there's deals to be had if your not in a rush to buy straightway.
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    Is this thing really required if you can hear vehicles behind you when cycling?
    If you read the thread (!) you'll see this has aleady been discussed in earlier posts.
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    Ordered thanks. Think we’ll see frequent discounts on these now as competitors are coming onto the market
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    If you can't afford one yet, get your self a mirror, mirrorcycle brand is the best, I have tried others as well.
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    Ordered thanks. Been after one for a while
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    Should I hold off a bit longer on this?