Garmin Vector 2 dual sided pedals £548.95 delivered @ Canyon

Garmin Vector 2 dual sided pedals £548.95 delivered @ Canyon

£548.95Canyon Deals
Found 7th Dec 2016
Maybe can get it cheaper if you play around with the country and currency on site.

Expect this to go cold, but if you're looking to surprise a roadie with a posh gift this Xmas this would nail it. Power meters are no.1 on any serious cyclist's wish list these days but still really expensive unfortunately. 550 for dual sided.. if I didn't just splurge on a smart trainer I'd grab these myself.
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'Expect this to go cold'

why do you post it then?

'Expect this to go cold'why do you post it then?

For cyclists to get a good deal. Good cycling deals are often still expensive and not considered good value here and often go cold. Hope that cleared things up for you.

'Expect this to go cold'why do you post it then?

Because people (like you?) will be along shortly to comment on how their 1995 Ford Sierra Ghia only cost them £350.

I post if something is a good deal for niche users even if the mainstream will vote cold.

Good price OP.
Cheers Gee, not sure why link didn't go directly to the pedals oO
Cracking price!
says currently unavailable
Can often get actual Powermeters for this price or quite a bit under if you know where to look!

eBay often have new ones for a lot less. It's a set of pedals. If they were realistically priced at around £300 they'd be worth considering.

One off and you've mullered £550

Sure I have read that even the Garmin team don't use these lol!

Search for Quarq on eBay and you can get for a lot less. I picked up a new RED 22 for £350 delivered...
good price; but oos and also consider favero bepro
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