Garmin Vivoactive £140 In John Lewis Clearance

Garmin Vivoactive £140 In John Lewis Clearance

Found 24th Jun 2015
This won't be for everyone but this is a great watch, has GPS as you would expect but you can also link this up to your phone for texts etc and it is about the only Smartwatch out there that also tracks swimming, providing details on stroke, lengths etc. Not a total bargain but £170-199 elsewhere.

JL sale is worth a look in general if you haven't looked yet.
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Not for me personally but Heat added for the tip off on JL sale cheers OP

Not for me personally but Heat added for the tip off on JL sale cheers OP

You're welcome. Website was slow but I got some good deals on kids clothes...
heat from me, thanks... was weighing up the £20 amazon voucher, but this has swayed me - cheers!
why can't it be on offer in black!
Been using this watch for about three months, great piece of kit. I have it linked up to strava which is great and I got the heart rate monitor which is great for zone training. The sms feature is quite cool and the GPS finds you really quick without any faffing. For me it's been a great buy, Heat
I've got this watch too, although in black with the HRM belt, it's a fantastic piece of kit, I use for running, and connect it to the cadence sensor on my racer. I paid £180 for the bundle, this works out about the same without the accessories. Heat from me.
Ordered for my OH. Her old Forerunner 305 is in dire need of an upgrade, she's had it 10 years and uses it 5 times a week. I know she's been eyeing up the Apple Watch but after all the research I've done I'm convinced this is the better choice and half the price! Wasn't sure about which colour to get, so this has made up my mind. Hope she likes it.
The wife has this watch. It's brilliant. She's used the 305 and 610. This has been the best of the 3 by far. I'd love to see a comparison to the apple watch to see if the apple watch is really worth another £300ish
The white is now showing out of stock and back at £199.
Does golf too. Great looking watch but will wait for a version with built in HRM.


yep, check instore
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