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Upto 50% Off on selected Garmin Devices - Limited Time only @ NUS via app
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
On the NUS app it shows upto 50% off for Garmin Devices but on the website upto 40%. May not be everyone's taste, but this is about a reduction of price on the Garmin products for … Read more
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are these deals still available?


How much is Descent™ Mk1 with the discount please? I am not NUS member although I study lots of online courses, I am not eligible for a student card.


Obligatory request about whether Vivofit 4 is better than Xiaomi MiBand 3 (or Cor, or Amazfit etc)? With discount it's in the same ball park...


Vivofit 4 £44.09 (37% off) Vivosmart 3 £53.99 (46% off) Vivosport £101.24 (32.5% off) Vivoactive 3 £188.99 (32.5% off) Vivoactive 3 Music £202.49 (32.5% off) Vivomove HR £122.39 (28% off) Forerunner 35 £107.09 (37% off) Fenix 5 £323.99-404.99 (32.5% off) Forerunner 645 £236.24 (32.5% off) Forerunner 645 Music £269.99 (32.5% off) Forerunner 235 £157.49 (37% off) Forerunner 735xt £188.99 (37% off)


thanks v.much. Not a bad price at all. The cheapest it has been on Amazon is £159 according to camelcamelcamel I will probably wait until black friday though ;)

Garmin vívofit® jr. 2 - Star Wars Day Specials
Found 4th May 2018Found 4th May 2018
Garmin vívofit® jr. 2 - Star Wars Day Specials
Various Star Wars Theme Activity Tracker for Kids on sale at Garmin.

would these fit 'big' kids??? just asking for big kid in the office......

Katze1 52.99 on Amazon today's deal

Forerunner® 735XT 30% discount @ Garmin - £209
Found 2nd Apr 2018Found 2nd Apr 2018
Forerunner® 735XT 30% discount @ Garmin - £209
This seems like a cheap deal to me. The website shows a price of £299 but as soon as you add the watch to your basket the price comes down to £209.

expired - DAMN IT! Ironically I was out running so missed the deal... tis a cruel world


As usual I deliberated for too long and missed the boat... (annoyed)


Seems to have expired now


Great deal, I've bought one today. Thanks.


We got our son this watch for Christmas. He's a swimmer and runner and loves it. It's probably overkill for him but it's an impressive piece of kit. No firmware or software issues too.

Vivo Smart HR 40% Discount £83.99 with NHS staff discount @ Garmin cheapest anywhere.
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
Vivo Smart HR 40% Discount £83.99 with NHS staff discount @ Garmin cheapest anywhere.
Discount Can also be used on the other trackers vivo active and vivo fit. Wrist-based Heart Rate vívosmart HR smart activity tracker¹ with Elevate™ heart rate technology measures … Read more
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Received email back saying offer ended 31 March, apologising for any inconvenience caused


get a bounce back from that email address. They must have deleted it :( Thanks for trying


email them and they should send you an you an updated


does anyone have an updated code for this? I didnt have the cash when the offer first came out :(


Code no longer working :-(

vívosmart® HR, English, Black (Regular) £71.99 @ Garmin with code! Free Postage!
Found 29th Feb 2016Found 29th Feb 2016
vívosmart® HR, English, Black (Regular) £71.99 @ Garmin with code! Free Postage!
I just got back from MWC16 and Garmin gave me a card to get 40% off the vivosmart. Cheapest I can find it.… Read more

Mine counted steps while driving and using trains :s


selling a fitbit charge hr on here


If you need accuracy you really need a chest-strap, the optical ones are very much an estimate and can't measure HRV.


Code no longer works.


ended :(

NHS Discount - 40% off Garmin vívo series watches/activity trackers
Found 28th Aug 2015Found 28th Aug 2015
Cheers to omgpleasespamme for highlighting this offer :) To request your discount code, just email from your NHS email account and let them know what you're af… Read more
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Me too on the above :D I'm also willing to try used codes.


If anyone has a code for the "010-01297-10 Vivoactive HRM Black £229.99 £137.99" that they no longer want I would be forever in your debt :)


I emailed on Sunday last week and got a response on the Tuesday, used the code to order vivosmart today (Saturday) successfully


Thanks for letting us know. I'll have to carry on with strapping my phone to my arm for now.


I have been told by customer services that the offer was pulled on the 1st of September so any emails on or after the 1st is unlikely to receive a code. They are apparently planning to run the promotion again in a few months time (I suspect to get rid of old stock) so worth keeping an eye out if you are willing to wait

Free VivoKeeper from Garmin
Found 22nd Sep 2014Found 22nd Sep 2014
Free VivoKeeper from Garmin
vívokeeper is an easy-to-place black clasp that keeps vívofit securely on your wrist, no matter where your days activities lead you.
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Mine falls off if it catches on my jacket cuff. So anything that helps secure it better it most welcome


[image missing]


Just received mine in the post! Very useful to have!


He will think that it was nice of you to think of him.


just ordered one for me and my bf thinking it was a free tracker!!! he is going to wonder why the hell he has been sent a pointless piece of plastic.............. eeeek

dēzl™ 760LMT-Digital £284.99 @ Garmin
Found 6th Sep 2014Found 6th Sep 2014
dēzl™ 760LMT-Digital £284.99 @ Garmin
£284.99Garmin Deals
dēzl™ 760LMT-Digital For lorry Drivers I just got one of these last week at £314.00 off a different site, Now Garmin direct have reduced this model by £95.00 off there original pr… Read more
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Tried that but they send you down roads that lorry's over 7.5 tons can not use as well as low bridges ect


Use your smart phone dude.

1000 Free Garmin GPS Brazil maps, normaly £39.99. First come, first served. @ Garmin
Found 20th Jun 2014Found 20th Jun 2014
1000 Free Garmin GPS Brazil maps, normaly £39.99. First come, first served. @ Garmin
Download your FREE Brazil Map from June 6th to July 13th 2014. I haven't tried it if it works, but I am not planning to go to Brazil in the near future anyway and I'm just sharing.… Read more

I hear England has a new captain now. Mike Smith who works for British Airways and who is flying them home.


The boys can make use of this now seeing that they won't be spending all their time practising, not as if they did any in the first place, for the next few rounds


I was planning on heading out there for the final, but the boys have fallen at the first (and second!) hurdle.


Got mine, but sending it to the England team as they seem to have lost their way!!!! Sorry.....just couldn't resist


Unless you're coincidentally going Brazil, then it's not.

FREE garmin map update
Found 1st Apr 2014Found 1st Apr 2014
Free GArmin map update, I bought my garmin nuvi205 years ago and today plug into the computer the first time and installed the update and it … Read more

hi I have a garmin nuvi 300 and I have tried every were to find free update.could you tell me were you can get one for my model thanks very much


Just checked maps on Nuvi 300 and they have not been updated. Firmware update only. Anyone know a cheap way of updating maps?


My apologies to the OP he/she may have been right. I eventually downloaded the Garmin Express s/w and connected my device. It then offered me 2 updates a s/w one and the Europe 2014 maps. Unfortunately my satnav is so old its memory wasn't sufficient for the whole of Europe and the option to select a specific region only offered Turkey. However I should be able to get an SD card for a few quid and then get the full map. so thanks and sorry for the -ve comment and cold vote.


It's cold because its not free - site says you need to purchase one time or lifetime updates. £50 or £75!


Whys this cold?

Garmin Forerunner 620 with Heart Rate Monitor was £359.99 now £251 + £5 p+p. Garmin website
Found 21st Dec 2013Found 21st Dec 2013
Garmin Forerunner 620 with Heart Rate Monitor was £359.99 now £251 + £5 p+p. Garmin website
This is the brand new model from Garmin and is currently £350ish via Sweatshop, where it is supposed to be an exclusive deal. Using the code GARMIN30 gets you 30% off TODAY ONLY T… Read more

Sounds good thanks :)


It's very quick - automatically precaches satellite position for the coming week over wifi I believe.


Silly people voting cold its not a watch lol great price would be on front page if people knew what it was. I was looking at the new tomtom but this looks great do you know if it pulls in a quick signal my old one not sure of the model number but its orange and quite large lol takes ages to get a signal. Thanks


This is a great deal. Limited availability elsewhere, and the most I've seen previously is a 10% discount - and now this is £100 off a newly released piece of kit. The older 610 model with standard HRM often goes for more than this, and is positively prehistoric in comparison. Worth noting - a lot of the more advanced metrics only work when paired with the new "HRM Run" monitor (comes with the £359 package, so £251 after discount), so I'd suggest the £230 option is poor value in comparison).


nice spot. Great price

Garmin 500 - Using GARMIN30 voucher from £118.99 @ Garmin
Found 16th Dec 2013Found 16th Dec 2013
Garmin 500 - Using GARMIN30 voucher from £118.99 @ Garmin
£118.99Garmin Deals
Cracking deal direct from Garmin using their promotional code GARMIN30 giving 30% off with free delivery. £118.99 delivered for the base unit. £153.99 delivered with HR and Caden… Read more
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Code not valid, cold because of this, would have been a great deal

Garmin Forerunner 620 with HRM-Run - £251.99 with code from Garmin
Found 11th Dec 2013Found 11th Dec 2013
Garmin Forerunner 620 with HRM-Run - £251.99 with code from Garmin
£251.99Garmin Deals
This is the brand new model from Garmin and is currently £350ish through any suppliers. Using the code GARMIN30 gets you 30% off TODAY ONLY They also have the Forerunner 220 whi… Read more
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Gutted I never saw this in time.


My 620 (with HRM) arrived today. Can't quite believe it - £108 off. Seemed too good to be true. buttonpushervic - THANK YOU!!!!!


I've just managed to use it on a 620 giving me £108 off.


Was looking at getting this myself. Love my 610 but the lack of cycling made me keep the 610 instead. Best all rounder on the market!


Seems like the code is dead now. It worked 10 minutes ago - but I didn't manage to go through the entire order flow... Now it says: The following errors occurred: The code you entered is not valid.

Garmin Edge Touring £139.99! Bike cycle computer gps @ Garmin
Found 8th Dec 2013Found 8th Dec 2013
Garmin Edge Touring £139.99! Bike cycle computer gps @ Garmin
£139.99Garmin Deals
Use the code GARMIN30 case sensitive for 30% off any garmin, works on the whole site but especially good deal on the edge touring models as I've not seen with more than 10% off. ch… Read more
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yeah sorry the code expired, it was valid a few days in December


Same here, code invalid. Shame.


Coming up as code not valid


Tried to get the cadence sensor, discount code won't work


£144.98 with P&P Ended up buying one!

Garmin Forerunner 910xt from £132 normally £250+
Found 9th Jan 2013Found 9th Jan 2013
Garmin Forerunner 910xt from £132 normally £250+
Forerunner® 910XT Advanced GPS-enabled watch for multisport athletes, ultra runners and water sport enthusiasts Swim metrics, including distance, efficiency, stroke type and str… Read more

Mines good as well :) Evening walk


The 410 is a good watch but the 910 at this price is obviously a much better deal. I had been waiting for the price on the limited edition 610 to come down to the same price as the black version (the price for the two versions is the same in the USA), but I'm pleased now that it hasn't. The 910 has the facility to accept downloaded courses whereas the 610 doesn't. I had a problem setting mine up, at first I thought the HRM function wasn't working but then I discovered the strap has to be paired with the watch and this is not obvious in the Quick Start Guide. Once it was paired it worked fine.


Is that the case? Those who were cancelled, what time is on your confirmation email? and did you order more than one?


Nice! I am setting mine up over the weekend. I nearly purchased the 410 last week, so glad I waited now! I think they either cancelled orders after 3:30 CST or if you ordered more than one.


Tried mine out this afternoon.

Garmin Edge 200 £30 cashback
Found 21st Jun 2012Found 21st Jun 2012
Garmin Edge 200 £30 cashback
If you have bought or are going to buy a Garmin Edge 200 for your bike then you can apply for £30 cash back from Garmin. It must be bought between 31/05/2012 and 31/08/2012 and … Read more

I wondered the same thing so emailed garmin and they said: Dear James, Thank you for contacting Garmin, All UK and Irish stores participate in the promotion. Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at: Best Wishes, Petia Ivanova Garmin UK I bought from halfords in the end, which was the cheapest at the time. Just need to complete the cashback form


The T&C's says Can I can't find the list of retailers. Anyone?


thanks guys - i currently use a forerunner 305 (I think that's the model anyway) for my runs/cycles but always on the lookout for new sparkly toys :)


Forgot to mention where I bought mine from Dooleys £110 + £3.50 P&P Also you get a free Garmin short sleeved jersey. Admittedly this is the old style jersey and they only have small but you should be able to sell the jersey for £20 or so on Ebay if it is too small or not required.


Halords perhaps? £129.99 but 20% discount applied automatically once in basket - so £103.99. (+4% quidco) Best I've seen anyway.

Garmin Map one off upgrade 20% off (also lifetime upgrade at 20% off)
Found 3rd Dec 2011Found 3rd Dec 2011
Garmin Map one off upgrade 20% off (also lifetime upgrade at 20% off)
Lifetime upgrade at 20% off (£59.99) - Bring life back to an old Garmin sat nav with a map upgrade! Quidco = 7%
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I have just updated mine - £59.99 for up to four upgrades a year. Great value.

Garmin sat navs at 35% off, limited to IAM members
Found 10th Sep 2010Found 10th Sep 2010
Garmin sat navs at 35% off, limited to IAM members
£123.40Garmin Deals
I'm sure this is going to annoy a fair few of you out there but Garmin have an agreement with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) for up to 35% off on their sat navs... I got… Read more

Thanks, appreciate your help.


Garmin chucks it up at £419 + £3 for delivery Just googled it comes out cheaper in a couple of places but can't say i've ever used/heard of the retailers Your text here


Don't suppose you'd do us a flavour. See what price the 660 comes out at? Need a bike satnav. Unlike the moron above suggests, map reading on a bike isn't the best idea.


[quote=daren_28]How does this work, ring em and say ur a member or?[/q there's a special link from the benefits section which takes you to a dedicated shopping page with the reduced prices


If you're not am IAM memeber then have it for £133.98 or pixmania for £135.40.

Garmin Maps Lifetime Europe - Pay Once  Update for Life [4 times/year] - £99.99  download
Found 1st Oct 2009Found 1st Oct 2009
Garmin Maps Lifetime Europe - Pay Once Update for Life [4 times/year] - £99.99 download
This one-off purchase lets you refresh your maps with updated points of interest, routes and address data for the lifetime of your individual Garmin GPS as soon as new content is a… Read more

Appreciate this was posted a year ago, but now it's a rubbish price, can be bought for £59 from Amazon and even cheaper elsewhere!


Looks interesting - thanks for posting!


I was going to France in August so I paid for this to get the map as was not much more than buying it singularly. I have a Nuvi 300t, but depite deleting everything "extra" off my garmin (eg vehicles, voices, etc) , and a bloomin LONG download, it would still only recognise UK and Northern France on my device. After a while I finally got an answer from Garmin of having to buy a SD card and put the "spare" maps on that. A bot of a pain really, but for a lifetime updatre I suppose its works out pretty good, especialy if you plan to visit lots of countries.