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Garnier Ambre Solaire Invisible Protect Refresh Spray SPF50, Water Resistant, UVA & UVB Protection, 200ml - with voucher or £4.34 S&S

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  • 4341459_1.jpgHIGH PROTECTION: Our quick dry FORMULA delivers immediate high protection against UVA & UVB rays, preventing short and long-term skin damage
  • VERY WATER RESISTANT: making it perfect for taking to the beach or swimming pool
  • TRANSPARENT PROTECTION ON SKIN: Our transparent FORMULA is suitable for all skin tones and leaves no white marks
  • REFRESHING: Our FORMULA is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, leaving skin feeling refreshed and hydrated
  • LEAPING BUNNY APPROVED: approved as cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny Programme

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  1. wayneyg's avatar
    Think I still have one from a few years ago. Do they go off?
    Geezer08's avatar
    They go off on holiday with you
  2. Niz's avatar
    Is this spay oil like? They used to do one in a clear bottle that sprayed clear like oil
    XiaofengXiaofeng_Xiaofeng's avatar
    It is greasy like isopropyl mainly because it is.
  3. SANGER_A2's avatar
    £4.34 for me with voucher and setting up a subscribe and save! Nice. Thanks.
  4. Roop's avatar
    I think this is 4 star for UVA rather than 5 star. FYI for anyone looking to use this.
    XiaofengXiaofeng_Xiaofeng's avatar
    Irrelevant. SPF 50+ with 4 star UVA is exceptionally high UVA protection. The stars are not a direct UVA protection rating, it is simply telling you how to calculate the percentage of the SPF rating that also applies to UVA. 4 stars means 90% of the SPF rating for UVB is also achieved for UVA, which means somewhere around 40-50 for UVA (actual calculation is impossible as it uses a ridiculous logarithmic scale and is technically the abosorbtion ratio...).

    To further complicate it, the stars don't properly measure UVA. Only UVA2 really. The best sun cream right now is La Roche-Posay Uvmune 400, which has no stars listed on the bottle of almost all of them except one that shows 4. Yet it is vastly better for UVA protection than every other product as it uses a new Uvmune 400 filter which fully covers the UVA1 spectrum which 98% of sun creams don't do.

    P20 Kids uses Triasorb M which also covers 380-400mm however not quite as well as Uvmune, still better than almost every other option.

    Finally Avene uses TriAsorB which too blocks 400mm, however the actual quantity of normal UVA2 protection (the "SPF") is not known as they have refused to say and therefore I wouldn't trust them simply because it might cover the full range but ultimately not actually have a very high traditional UVA rating, which is still important.

    The reason why it is known that La Roche-Posay Uvmune 400 has high traditional UVA rating even though they don't list any stars is because they have publicly released their PPD values, which would be between 3-5 stars SPF50+ depending on the product for traditional UVA protection so with the UVA1 protection from the Uvmune 400 filter, it means it is easily the strongest of the lot as Uvmune 400 is better than Triasorb M in P20 Kids.

    All of this is going to be simplified into an updated UVA protection rating standard at some point but right now, you have to do your research or alternatively just do what I said here. Uvmune 400 also doesn't sting eyes like others do. (edited)
  5. Meathotukdeals's avatar
    Prefer to get the Boots one that doesn't need frequent application.
    vhero's avatar
    All suntan lotions need frequent application. Theres no such thing as all day lotion.
  6. maabus's avatar
    Great deal and Ordered . Thanks OP.
  7. AdamDempsey's avatar
    S&S wasn't showing for me so I got the below instead for £5 with the 5% + S&S discounts.

  8. Steve-O.2008's avatar
    Does this have the star ratings on it?
    vhero's avatar
    This is 4 star rating. You will barely find an spf50 without 4 the trick is if its not on the front and its spf 50 its 4 star if less than spf50 its likely 3 star (which is below NHS recommendations). All 5 star products have it on the front. If not on the front then I usually avoid with the earth getting hotter and more rays getting through than ever.
  9. RickSanchez's avatar
    Thank you
  10. STi_prodrive's avatar
    apart from the price, whats the difference between this deal the NIVEA deal? (edited)
    XiaofengXiaofeng_Xiaofeng's avatar
    This is an alcohol based liquid. If you want full protection, get P20 Kids or La Roche-Posay Uvmune 400. (edited)
  11. mysmugcat's avatar
    Had a blue one marketed like 'water', it was good. Not tried this one.
    XiaofengXiaofeng_Xiaofeng's avatar
    Totally different. UV water was discontinued.
  12. bxt317's avatar
    Gone back up in price now
  13. chitychatty's avatar
    gone now,,,,
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