Garnier BB Cream Light £2.50 @ Asda Direct

Garnier BB Cream Light £2.50 @ Asda Direct

Found 29th Oct 2014
Was 7.49 before so it's quite a good saving. They only have it in Light.
Sounds pretty good. It:
-Hydrates skin
-Even skin tone
-Covers redness
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oos already
thanks got for my daughter for a stocking filler
Haven't even seen this variation before! OOS now but have signed up for an alert. Thanks!
i got one the other day, it was a toss upbetween..... let me go get them. from tesco, £7.99 for dream fresh bb cream, oh, the other that i got for about £1.75 was a nivea daily, tinted moisturing cream. i compared the dream fresh to the bb by watching youtube vids. they say the garnier is not good?. some woman used it, and had smears all on her face?. i dont wear make up, i'll admit, its why im trying the dream fresh bb cream. i like this, for £2.50 its worth a try of this posted deal. long post, im sorry!.

never tried the daily nivea one, it looks a bit dark for me?. im not sure, not really tried it on my face yet. phew.
I use the Nivea Tinted Moisturiser and it's perfect! Got it from Amazon when it was £1.50 ish a tube. My skin is really uneven but I find Nivea is almost good enough coverage for me to have little/no foundation on!
Thank You!
Back in stock!
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