Garnier BB Cream Poundland £1

Garnier BB Cream Poundland £1

Found 11th Aug 2016Made hot 11th Aug 2016
Garnier BB Cream - Poundland Dudley
Only saw it in the light shade, but I use it as a primer so shade doesn't really matter to me.
Retails at £6/£7 elsewhere!


Primer? Do you use it to paint your wood work then?

Its there since long time..shame there is light shade only..:(

Hope its in my local store

Wow what a steal! Heat added

BB? ......... BallBag cream?


BB? ......... BallBag cream?

You put it in a BB gun for the ultimate money shot.

The shade (at least, in my Poundland) is Extra Light, for pale skins. Doesn't seem to have the SPF15 the UK version has, though.

Took a picture of it the other week for the MSE Poundland thread:
As for it being in the £1 shops "a long time" - Garnier BB Cream WAS in Poundworld last year, but it was Light/Medium shade, and boxed, not loose in a strip pack - a shade that was too dark for me (as I bought one before Xmas!).
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