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New round of samples - Free Garnier PureActive 3in1 Facewash
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Posted 11th Oct 2016Posted 11th Oct 2016
New round of samples - Free Garnier PureActive 3in1 Facewash
Grab a free sample pack of Garnier facewash today as there are a total of 50,000 samples available on their website. Fill up the form and submit it in order to receive your free sa… Read more
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all gone


yes all gone


No samples all gone


I have thanks :)


Try again Jasmine. They are very good as was thinking of buying the tube when I have used all samples.

Free sample by signing up Garnier newsletter
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Posted 9th Aug 2016Posted 9th Aug 2016
Free sample by signing up Garnier newsletter
Garnier is giving away free samples of all their products to people who signup to their email newsletter. From shampoos to skin products, you will get it all via their newsletter s… Read more
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Free 14 Day Sample Of Garnier Pure Active 3in1
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Posted 22nd Jul 2016Posted 22nd Jul 2016
Free 14 Day Sample Of Garnier Pure Active 3in1
Fil out the form for your free 14 days sample.
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Thank you OP ..I received my 14 samples today


Thanks, OP, received my 14 sachet sample last week.


Received today :)


Me too!


I received mine today. Completely forgot about it. 14 sachets!

Free hair dye
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Posted 9th Feb 2016Posted 9th Feb 2016
Free hair dye
Garnier are offering you the chance to try their Olia hair dye range for free. All you need to do is go into superdrug or asda and buy the hair dye and there should be a leaflet ne… Read more
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Comment Don't buy beauty products from pound land. Respect your skin n health :)


Comment As far as the email told me there is a code on leaflet which you need to type in when redeeming the cashback. They might just do it without the code and just with the receipt, worth a try :)


local superdrug has no leaflets - can anyone help with a pic of it ??


If you cannot be bothered. Just get the Superdrug own brand hair dye (on offer now 3 for £10).

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
Free 14 day trial garnier ultralift
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Posted 2nd Aug 2015Posted 2nd Aug 2015
Free 14 day trial garnier ultralift
Just came across this. Offer ends end of August :)

Full terms can be found here - definitely free £600 ?? for a freebie? That's not right at all either something fraudulent has gone on or you have entered into some sort of scheme (recurring debit card payment) whereby they send you a small sample sized container then somewhere on the page that you entered your details (it usually asks for debit card number for delivery etc) it will sign you up to some scheme. I see this a lot at the bank I work for - have you received any goods/communications from the company? The small may say goods need to be returned within certain time unopposed etc as well - check out their website and follow any procedure very carefully. Also go to your bank they may be able to help - especially as it sounds like you had no idea this was happening.


What do u mean ?


could you please tell me if this offer is for real that after the 14 days free trial there is no more hidden charges ? I have been stung last month with as I thought freebies for £600.00


what's the t and cs though do you have to pay when u finish the cream


Thanks I missed it the first time it was posted

14 Sachets of Garnier Ultralift
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Posted 6th Jul 2015Posted 6th Jul 2015
14 Sachets of Garnier Ultralift
You can get 14 sachets as a part of the 14 day Garnier Ultralift challenge that has returned again! I don't remember this deal since about two years ago, it's a great one as they a… Read more
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Thanks Lewis! I think this offer might still be running. I ordered another pack but it hasn't come yet. Good offer though


Noticed people selling them on ebay after getting them, By the way my mrs is 49 and very offended. Some women eh?:(


have you ever wondered what the accumulative affect is of using all these different chemicals on our skin?


Thank you


Thanks. Heat Added x