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INFRARED FG46 PORTABLE HEATER and a 12kg butane gas bottle with ZERO cylinder deposit delivered FREE to your door at Gasdeal for £68.98
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Posted 5th Nov 2018Posted 5th Nov 2018
INFRARED FG46 PORTABLE HEATER and a 12kg butane gas bottle with ZERO cylinder deposit delivered FREE to your door at Gasdeal for £68.98£68.98
Blurb from the website... As the colder weather is now officially on it’s way, NOW is the time to grab yourself a fantastic HALF PRICE deal on this fabulous 4.2kW indoor gas cabin… Read more

Know way is that infrared, Trading Standards Should take this up or the advertising standards. They are clay burning elements.


Have just been looking for a deal as existing gas bottle ran out but interesting reading in the links posted above. Without factoring in the standing charge as I'd have to pay that anyway, this is still more expensive than gas and electric heating. Gas supply is 4p/kWh Electric supply is 15p/kWh Butane refill at £33 is 20p/kWh If the gas central heating is 50% efficient that would still only be 8p/kWh.


I would disagree based on the topic of this post - for 6kg bottled gas it works out about 35p/kWh, electric is about 15p/kWh. I could buy 2 possibly 3 oil filled radiators for £68, they tend to last as long as you have electric. Gas heaters need replacement canisters and usually at the most inconvenient time! Gas mains can work out much cheaper though @ around 7p/kWh, even with gas "boilers" being 90% efficient it's still is a cheaper option. Personally I'd rather have oil fired central heating - especially with the rise on gas prices and here in NI you are tied to only one gas provider - at least with the oil you can shop around and get emergency fill ups at the local petrol station! Electricity is still needed for both options though (gotta have a pump!), I have a 3kW UPS for that :D


I stated on the basis of my experience both having lived in home with gas central heating and one with only electric storage heaters. Electricity is relatively much more expensive than gas i.e. if you try and run electric heaters non-stop (like we do with gas-central) the bill will be stupendously higher.


Do you have stats to back that up? I'll give heat for the deal, personally I'd rather not risk it (yes I know my grandparents used them without issue), however I'd rather use oil filled radiators & fan heaters when my boiler goes offline. I can also control those via Alexa...

13kg Butane Gas Bottle flogas £19.99 @ Gasdeal inc delivery
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Posted 26th Feb 2018Posted 26th Feb 2018
13kg Butane Gas Bottle flogas £19.99 @ Gasdeal inc delivery£19.99
Cheapest price ever £19.99 delivered !!! If you have no empty to exchange add £5- £24.99- delivered new customer.

Looks like gasdeal is down now? Sadly, I suspect they have gone out of business.


Any update on this? It appears that their website is now down?


As above national shortage unfortunately, call them or if you still need it wait as they are apparently honouring unfulfilled orders. I was lucky as I know seem a fair few that had to phone to get refunded, unfortunately normally reliable have used them for years.


Poor service and communication. Ordered and paid for 6 bottles on 28th February, it's now 9th April. Keep emailing to ask what is happening, but no reply. Are they a legitimate company?


Nope, short on gas, even calor are running low. See the BBC news online.

£5 CASH for your unwanted Flogas bottle (cylinder) will collect
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Posted 20th Nov 2017Posted 20th Nov 2017
From the vendor website: Do I need to buy a new/refill cylinder to return empty gas cylinders? Absolutely not! We will happily organise for your cylinders to be collected free … Read more
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This deal is still live so i have unexpired it.


Wheres the cheapest 13kg butane gas bottle?




These make excellent wood burning heaters with some work. Sure there's a YouTube video on how.


Should also work on the following brands of gas bottle but contact the company first Here's a list of Flogas brands from A.C.C. Bulk Gas A.I.G. Abbey Gas Acewell Gas Alan Cooper Allied Gas Atlas Gas Alta Gas Amazon Gas Arby Gas Argas Avon Gas B & S Cheaper Gas Beacon Gas Bell Gas (Prior 1990) Border Gas Botto Gas BP Gas Britgas British Gas (LP Gas) British Gas (Northern) British Gas (West) Wales) Butagas By-Gas C & J Atlas Energy C.E.G.B. Gas Cador Gas Caiman Gas Camping Centre Celtic Gas Citigas City Mills Marine Clean Gas Compact Bottled Gas Cooper (Witney) Gas Cory Gas Cosy Gas Crusader Gas D & F Fellows Direct Gas Don Gas E.J. Stansfield East London Gas Eltra Gas Epigas ER Gas Ergas Ergoflame Essogas Every Gas Evoco Gas Express Gas Fast Gas Flogas Fradley Gas Freedom LPG Gala Gas Garla Gas Gaspak Glazebrook Fuels Gleaner Gas Glowgas Go-Gas Golden Gas Handy Gas Hillgas Hudson Gas JRM Gas Lakeland Gas Lee Gas Luton LP Gas M.K.L. Gas Macgas MacGas Mansa Gas Marlin Gas Maxigas MB Gas MB Go Gas MBC Mersey Gas Metro Gas Midland Gas More Gas Negas North Eastern Farmers Northern LPG Paragas Pendle Tool Hire Peterborough Fuels Portagas Prestogas Propagas R.P.D. Readygas S.M.B.P. Saxon Gas Saygas Shell Gas Sigas Solargas Southern Counties Gas Stair Brown Gas Sungas Supergas T.L. Thiele Topgas Totalgaz Transgas Travel Gas Trendy Gas Ultra Gas Unigas Valley Gas W. Hagan Fuels Waterfalls Gas Services (WGS) WCF West Gas Willow Gas Wirral Gas Yorkshire Gas "Each LPG supplier owns title of the their own respective cylinder(s) and therefore, we can only collect Floags or associated Floags empty cylinders" Will NOT work for Calor bottles (see £7.50 deal already posted in August)

Limited Time Multi-buy Savings On 2, 3, 4 & 6x 13kg Butane Gas Cylinders - From £20.99 Each Delivered (Based On 6 Cylinders With Desposit Returns) @ Gasdeal
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Posted 10th Nov 2017Posted 10th Nov 2017
Limited Time Multi-buy Savings On 2, 3, 4 & 6x 13kg Butane Gas Cylinders - From £20.99 Each Delivered (Based On 6 Cylinders With Desposit Returns) @ Gasdeal£20.99
Great for those needing a bulk amount of these butane cylinders for the winter. For those that don't need so many, you can still save as there are other purchase options from 2x,… Read more

Price is slowly creeping up, they were £19.99 this time last year and you didn't have to buy bulk. These butane bottles are only good for indoor heaters, they're not great for quickly heating a cold conservatory, garage or summerhouse as butane doesn't work well from cold and also they give off loads of condensation. By the time you've factored in extra ventilation to keep the condensation down, i.e. letting cold air into your home these are probably no more cost effective than standard rate electricity. They also whiff!


Good deal compared to Calor


10% OFF 11kg Patio Gas Cylinder - £20.69 delivered @ Gasdeal
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Posted 22nd Aug 2017Posted 22nd Aug 2017
10% OFF 11kg Patio Gas Cylinder - £20.69 delivered @ Gasdeal£20.69
Already good value propane patio gas, with an additional 10% off this week! (unfortunately I already purchased one last week without 10% off) :(

Anybody know if this works? I want 4 bottles.


How do you plough through a propane gas cylinder? lol


Usually because that is the one that will fit their regulator. I know you can buy a screw on 37mbar to fit the industrial propane cylinders but they are not as user friendly. Also the screw gas release valve on the industrial propane cylinders is no where near as safe as the clip as it can be left open even when no regulator is attached. Having said that I have both - I am currently ploughing through a 19kg propane that i got for £20 last year from gasdeal, and I simply switch regulators when I revert back to the patio gas.


Personally I use leisure gas cylinders because the regulator supplied with the bbq matched. Figured the payback on buying a different regulator was too little to worry about given an 11kg cylinder last us 3 years Clip on regulators are also quite good if you've got to move kit around or share a bottle between bbq, heater etc


why do people use patio gas? It's propane. you can get propane canisters from gasdeal for cheaper - much better value.

Cheap gas propane and butane - from £19.99 at
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Posted 27th Jul 2017Posted 27th Jul 2017
Cheap gas propane and butane - from £19.99 at£19.99
First post be gentle please i know this has been up before but not seen it for a while
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Agreed £5 deposit for butane Though £30 deposit for propane


Hi Harry potter I cannot see where a £30 deposit is required. unless you have mistaken the competitor comparison form which shows that some companies charge £30,however this deal is only £5 deposit


The £5 is for the butane and £30 for propane Your heading is talking about both being cheap. I agree with the comment about butane but not the propane.


The comment is based on the price at the bottom where it says £29.99 for the hire charge. I am not being deliberately misleading. Am I missing something? I need a new cylinder but I have an empty calor gas cylinder


please check the deal before making incorrect comments £5 refundable deposit current deal £22.99 plus £5 refundable deposit secures 13kg butane and a clip on gas regulator for the butane offer

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BBQ 13KG Butane Gas from £22.99 @ Gasdeal
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Posted 23rd May 2017Posted 23rd May 2017
BBQ 13KG Butane Gas from £22.99 @ Gasdeal£22.99
Great offer £22.99 plus a free gas regulator (in return for your empty bottle Or £27.99 if you need a bottle.

Yes just change the regulator and you'll be all sorted. The only problem you may have is if you bbq in the winter the gas will freeze if the outside temperature is below about 4 degrees.


Bought a gas BBQ and came with a red regulator, which is for propane gas. Haven't bought the cylinder yet waiting for a good deal on propane cylinders. Does anyone know if it's just a matter of changing the regulator in order to use a different gas or there's more to it?


Or wait for the gypsy community to be evicted from your local park, you'll find plenty dumped there afterwards. (_;)


Try your local tip - got a free empty there for mine.


You have such a lovely way with words! ;)

BBQ Gas cylinder with free Regulator (need to return an empty for this price) £22.99 / £52.94 without return
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Posted 28th Apr 2017Posted 28th Apr 2017
BBQ Gas cylinder with free Regulator (need to return an empty for this price) £22.99 / £52.94 without return£22.99
I have dealt with these guys and they generally deliver quicker than quoted. They sometimes do this deal for £19.99, but not with free regulator (so if you like the reg is £3). You… Read more

This is a better deal if you have a Go Outdoors card and don't need it delivered £25.19 for 13Kg


Do you need to return a FloGas bottle, or will they accept a Calor bottle?


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Wish mine was! Going to be next week now. I'd understand if I was out of the way but being between Derby and Nottingham ain't out the way!


Ordered mine on Tuesday, delivered yesterday.

13  KG Butane gas cylinder £19.99 delivered.Gas deals direct.  Possible £5 credit for extra empties
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Posted 17th Mar 2017Posted 17th Mar 2017
13 KG Butane gas cylinder £19.99 delivered.Gas deals direct. Possible £5 credit for extra empties£19.99
This deal is on again but this time they are offering a £5 credit for any additional empty gas bottles you might have. In the past they have never asked for an empty cylinder so m… Read more
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That website states the following: This statement is clearly because the included regulator only fits green patio gas bottles, which happen to contain propane. If you are taking this sentence to state that butane gas is not suitable, then you should include also propane as not being suitable in your interpretation, since it is in the same sentence!


Your sentence doesnt make much sense to me my old cocker. Cheap gas is good gas.


The website states the following: This statement is clearly because the included regulator only fits green patio gas bottles, which happen to contain propane. If you are taking this sentence to state that butane gas is not suitable, then you should include also propane as not being suitable in your interpretation, since it is in the same sentence!


I don't mate, just a tight **** (_;)


Any update on this frazman? Weber BBQ work okay with butane?

Full Butane gas cylinder inc Delivery @ gasdealsdirect
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Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
Full Butane gas cylinder inc Delivery @ gasdealsdirect£20.99
Now the cold weather has been promised this deal is a good price. Full 13kg gas cylinder including free delivery and a refundable £1 deposit for only £20.99.. I have been using thi… Read more
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Would sending a Calor Gas 6kg bottle back still result in paying the lower price?


I posted this deal yesterday lunchtime after I ordered and have just had my new bottle delivered at 2pm today. That's the fastest I've ever had though as they usually take 2 or 3 working days.


You wont be stuck with empty bottles to dispose of, on their website you can return any amount of empty Flogas bottles and you will actually get paid for them after they collect them for free.


I have had these before and can confirm that they are no different from the usual butane gas that is commonly available. I am semi rural and it took about a week to deliver so if you are dependant on delivery for an important heat source you may be best treating it as a spare for when you next run out. Our usual supplier, Bolton gas, accept the Flogas empty bottles as exchange for full bottles but they tell me each time that they really shouldn't exchange them. So it may be worth checking with your normal supplier about exchange or you could be stuck with empty bottles to dispose of. They are a great idea as a spare so that you don't have to wait even a day to replace your empty gas bottle (mine always has the habit of running out on a Saturday morning!).

​I'll depend how many hours you have it on and If low or high

Gas heater and Full gas bottle including delivery £67.50 @ gasdealsdirect
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Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
Gas heater and Full gas bottle including delivery £67.50 @ gasdealsdirect£67.50
Now the cold weather has been promised this deal is a good price considering you get the heater and a full gas bottle included as well as free delivery. They also do just the gas b… Read more
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Much smaller than you would expect actually. If you made each of those walls twice as long and the ceiling 2.5m then you have a 63m^2 room. Couple that with an open door and a CO alarm and you would probably be fine (I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Batteries not included.)


I think you've replied to the wrong comment. 10 cubic metres is 2.15m on all three axes. 80 would be ​4.3m on all three axes.


...and so what is the volume of each box? 0.1 cubic metres, 0.125 cubic metres or. 0.5 cubic metres?


I think as long as you use carbon monoxide detectors you should be OK. I lost a good friend a few years ago - he had a room in Greece whilst working there which had one of these heaters. He went to sleep and never woke up. That was in the 1980's and I know times have changed with more awareness, Monoxide detectors and Oxygen sensors etc. but it's always good to have a heads up. I've been told that you can no longer use these in care homes, foster homes or other business' where the public are found unless they have the required Cubic area (and if they did, I'm not sure how effective they would be at heating the room!!)



Flogas 13kg Butane £19.99 including delivery @ Gasdeal
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Posted 11th Dec 2016Posted 11th Dec 2016
Flogas 13kg Butane £19.99 including delivery @ Gasdeal£19.99
This deal is back on again 13kg butane delivered for £19.99 . No empty cylinder required. Cue the usual debates on types of gas ......
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​it does I use it


​Which parts? :D


I'd like to see her light her *arts with that. Heat added


thank you will check it


Causes condensation if thinking of heating house in winter.

Gas Heater £47.99 + 13kg Butane Gas Cyliner £19.99 Delivered @ Gasdeal - £67.98
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Posted 19th Nov 2016Posted 19th Nov 2016
Gas Heater £47.99 + 13kg Butane Gas Cyliner £19.99 Delivered @ Gasdeal - £67.98£67.98
Get yourself prepared for winter! Free delivery!

I thought these had been banned!! I get bad flashbacks from the 80's when I see these horrid things.


I ordered this yesterday to heat the shed, its the size of a garage but made of wood and gets quite cold. Ventilation isn't a problem as one of the windows wont shut, and as its used as a smoking shelter my flatmates are already inhaling poisonous fumes! They used an electric heater last year but kept leaving it on resulting in massive bills, this way they just have to order a new gas bottle themselves.


1kg of butane is equivalent of 13kwh (assuming 100% efficiency of heater, which it won't be) So 13kg is 169kwh for £20 so 11.83 pence per kwh. Which is comparable to electric. Surely safer and more convenient to just use an electric heater, which will be 100% efficient, so in practice cheaper, as electric heaters re cheaper in the first place too?


We had one of these years ago, tons of condensation and we open windows for at least 30 minutes every morning regardless of weather.


If you want a bad chest then go for it.

Gasdeal 19Kg Propane Gas Cylinder £21.99 inc VAT. Free delivery.
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Posted 5th Nov 2016Posted 5th Nov 2016
Gasdeal 19Kg Propane Gas Cylinder £21.99 inc VAT. Free delivery.£21.99
Just had email from Gasdeals. 19kg propane for £21.99 is great!

expired now :(


Hot but they refunded me 2 days after ordering, stating that they don't deliver to my address, surely it would be that hard to not accept orders for area's that they don't cover at checkout! Now I have money stuck in Paypal, not the end of the world but kind of unnecessary.


Gypsies will be all over this.




My money went to credit in my account & they don't answer emails bewarr

BLOWOUT SALE | 47Kg Propane Gas Cylinder was £77.07 less 35% £49.99 @ Gasdeal
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Posted 15th Oct 2016Posted 15th Oct 2016
BLOWOUT SALE | 47Kg Propane Gas Cylinder was £77.07 less 35% £49.99 @ Gasdeal£49.99
HUGE saving on this 47kg red propane gas cylinder. Once again, Gas Deal brings you the cheapest deal and very best price on the market for this economical size of gas bottle at ONL… Read more

Bit late, but that's the standard price at now; same product (flogas).


Does this price include bottle collection? Currently pay £62 a bottle in north Wales :(


might be standard price in Midlands and up north but not down south 60+ normal


£47!! you're lucky, where do you order from, we normally pay £56 a bottle so for us £50 is a good saving! If we could regularly get them cheaper we would as it's our only supply for cooking and hot water and we use one around every 12 weeks. Have never been able to find them cheaper than £55.


Cold cold cold. Paying £47.00 a bottle, standard price!

Propane 19Kg for £21.99 @ GasDeals - Bargain.
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Posted 14th Oct 2016Posted 14th Oct 2016
Propane 19Kg for £21.99 @ GasDeals - Bargain.£21.99
Firstly, I claim no credit. Another thread said there are multiple deals from and I feel this deal needs highlighting rather than simply being lost in that that threa… Read more

Outback have a clip on a a decent price. Should be able to find a threaded for £7 or less then depends if you need it posted. BES are cheap but delivery kills the price for a single item)


​I doubt it. The big industrial cylinders of hydrogen, oxygen, acetylene etc are only about 60kg.



Good find.


I haven't even see anybody sell boil in the bag cut chips - only whole potatoes.

BLOWOUT SALE | 18Kg FLT Propane Cylinder - £16.99 Gasdeal
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Posted 14th Oct 2016Posted 14th Oct 2016
BLOWOUT SALE | 18Kg FLT Propane Cylinder - £16.99 Gasdeal£16.99
I know that this cylinder is for forklift truck I wonder if it will work with a barbecue or a gas heater FREE DELIVERY

Cold. Already posted


Cold, not big enough to throw in a giant sharks mouth :{


Yes i know but was just pointing out this is propane anyway, not butane which a heater uses


​this dispenses liquid for use in a motor engine.


My gas heater uses butane sale, all gas delivered and no deposit various prices on what you want...
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Posted 14th Oct 2016Posted 14th Oct 2016 sale, all gas delivered and no deposit various prices on what you want... are having a sale, loads of deals on all types and sizes gas bottles etc delivered with no silly deposit for the bottle.

Links to both prices, no exchange required


On the 19kg propane there is only one buying option . On the other sizes there are 2 options - new cylinder ( high price ) or new cylinder with return ( lower price )


I ordered x2 13kg bottles, delivered free and NO deposit payable,


It does not say it is an exchange. If that was the case it would say so. I have ordered 19kg propane fpr £21.99 and as far as i'm concerned that is the price.


Looking at the prices , there is a price if you are returning a cylinder , and a much higher price if you don't have an empty to swap. So its just the same as a deposit - only there is no chance of getting this extra charge back.

Lifestyle Heatforce Cabinet Heater was £66.00 - now £47.99 with free deilvery @ gasdeal
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Posted 6th Oct 2016Posted 6th Oct 2016
Lifestyle Heatforce Cabinet Heater was £66.00 - now £47.99 with free deilvery @ gasdeal£47.99
Many people, especially the elderly, are very conscious of their heating bills over winter. Often, we see many not using their gas central heating to heat rooms they are not occupy… Read more

Agree with the above comments, daughter had one in her flat last year and it caused condensation and led to mildew problems in her flat.


I've used those heaters in the 80's when I didn't have central heating in my cottage. They do cause condensation if you don't ventilate the room. I would only use one now in a workshop or garage but not in a living area.


Just remember there could be a potential carbon monoxide problem with poor ventilation and they produce a lot of condensation. Not the safest form of instant heat especially for the elderly and infirm , unless , of course , they're well insured.


It's £67.98 including one 15kg gas bottle.


Having never used this sort how long does a 13kg bottle last? (Thanks in advance if anyone knows)

13kg FloGas Butane Gas Delivered £19.99 @ GasDeal
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Posted 6th Oct 2016Posted 6th Oct 2016
13kg FloGas Butane Gas Delivered £19.99 @ GasDeal£19.99
13kg FloGas Butane Gas Bottle. 19.99 Delivered. The cheapest yet I believe? Stock up for the winter! No empty required.

These are near 40 quid now anyone got an alternative? ;(


​No leak. It's the nature of butane gas... as the gas is drawn from the bottle, the bottle temperature drops and the pressure drops with it. This continues to happen until the bottle basically freezes and the gas flow virtually stops. Only option is then to let the bottle warm up again. Didn't realise how much if an issue this would be, even during cool summer or autumn evenings. This is why I'd only have propane from now on for BBQ or outside heating. I've learned through experience!


jackanory jackanory


sounds like you have a leak. mine last for many more hours than that.


Cool story bro but pure fiction.