Gassy Gus - now just £6.99 delivered at

Gassy Gus - now just £6.99 delivered at

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Found 6th Oct 2010
Looks like a fun game, a bit like 'Don't wake Dad' maybe ... this has also been price matched on Amazon

* For 2-4 players
* Suitable for ages 5+

Turn over a card and feed Gassy Gus the food on it by pressing his head down the correct number of times - baked beans is 7 times for example! Slowly Gassy Gus' belly expands until....well, you can guess the rest! If you are the unfortunate player whose turn it is when Gus blasts gas you need to collect the cards on the pile. First one to get rid of their cards wins.


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thanks - lokos fun

My kids would love this !
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