Gateway notebooks clearance @ Bigpockets !

Gateway notebooks clearance @ Bigpockets !

Found 3rd Feb 2008
Received this email from Bigpockets... Up to 40% discount on Gateway notebooks!

These refurb laptops are supplied to us direct from Gateway and comes with Full 1 year Gateway warranty. See comment for some highlighted offers.


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i have a gateway laptop and it is very good - well recommended!

These are refurbs btw for those who aren't aware

I am not overly impressed with the price of most of these machines vs the spec. although there are one or two that look interesting. Mind you, didn't Gateway go bankrupt a few years ago???

I recently got a referb IBM T43p (1.8 celeron / 80gb hd / 1Gb Ram / XP pro) from eBay for £245 inc pp. Lovely machine.

yeh i used to think that they went bankrupt untill computer world came about.. now apparently they have bought out packard bell!
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