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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 218i 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 M Sport Car Lease £8,094.26 over 3 years 8,000 miles @ gateway2lease
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
2018 facelifted model, includes metallic paint and leather upholstery, list price just under £29k. I got a separate quote for 7,000 miles which takes it a little under £8k. Delive… Read more
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The 80s just called, can they have their joke back


hi, was wondering how you found the santander offer?


Does this BMW come with indicators as standard?


and with 29K (full price, depreciation is still 26.76%). see the image below. This is the reason, I said ignore the price and just get the value of depreciate in %. This is what you should expect on this model as an indication.


Not sure where you are looking at, see the image with 25K RRP value (after discount). In 3 years time, it says the depreciated value is 18K (approx), about 26%.

C300h Saloon 2.1 AMG Line Premium Auto Lease (24M 8K PA £8627.66) @ Gateway2lease
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Greater than £41K OTR 100g CO2 / Km Very Very Plush motor for not much more than a new standard family care would depreciate over the same term

Well, it is the factor. How do you think German taxis get around in Germany with zero problems in winter? Goes down to idiocy and lack of driving education. Some think full power will get them out of trouble. There's no need for winter tyres. Just get a set of Michelin CrossClimates and leave them on all year round. They transform the ride and steering feel, reduces road noise, no penalty in fuel economy, tyres last about 25,000 miles, excellent in mud and as good as full winter tyres in snow. You're part of the problem then! The amount of 4x4s I see with low-profile tyres/wrong tyres going nowhere last week was incredible.


TAXI! (y)


Could be ... if not I’ll guess I’ll get a cab.


Winter's over then? :/


Yep my Merc was parked up for two days but for the other 363 days this year I’m a smug git driving a wonderful motor ;)

Audi A6 Black Edition 24 month lease £319.12 a month with 6 months deposit £9254.46 @ gateway2lease
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
Model: A6 Saloon 2.0 TDI 190ps Black Edition Ultra S tronic 6 months deposit: £1914.70 inc VAT 23 monthly payments: £319.12 inc VAT Admin cost: £180 inc VAT Total Cost: £9,434.46 M… Read more
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Extras as standard, bose speakers, 20" wheels etc.


What's extra in the Black Edition over the SE Executive? The A6 SE Executive is £8459.70 over 2 years. SE Executive


Looks good, I was quoted £222 for the a4

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Tiguan 2.0 TDI SCR 150 6speed SE Nav BlueMotion Technology £199.19 per month (Total £6554.06) @ Gateway2Lease
Found 30th Aug 2017Found 30th Aug 2017
Tiguan 2.0 tdi lease over 2 years in solid paint at this price, with 8k miles per year allowance. advance payment £1792.69 23x £199.19 admin fee £180. Total £6554.06 Not for every… Read more
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Better than buying a £6k car only for it to fall apart, constantly costing you more money, and then you have inconvenience of having car in the garage for repairs / mot....


Paying £299 on a 3+35 for the R Line with 8k miles per annum. Definitely worth the extra £24 if it works out to be £275, especially with all the extra bit of internal and external kit, including the pan roof, folding mirrors, etc. However, on a lease for the Tiguan I'd recommend the SEL if you can get a good deal on it, you wouldn't compromise ride comfort as much with the 19" wheels, and you'd have more protection when parking as the 20" wheels on the r line wanna make you cringe whenever parking (in London), not to mention the lowered ride height, so high kerbs can also be an issue when opening the doors as there door covers the entire outer side, which does help to not dirty the lower part of your garments when being in and out the vehicle. But for the look of it, definitely worth it!


I can't resist the's....just... (popcorn) (popcorn) So many people in these threads every time who either have a healthy dose of blind ignorance or have a limited understanding of economics and the fundamental basics of the time value of money. It's absolutely mind boggling. Yes there are reasons why an outright purchase might be right for you... but for the rest of us these lease offers are an absolute bargain. I cannot for the life of me understand why on earth anyone would like to tie a huge lump sum of money up in a car which they will never get back. If I offered you a house for sale .... and told you the price would drop by 10% - 15% each year and at the end you might even struggle to sell it.... Would you buy it? Would any bank give you a mortgage for that terrible deal?...No Even if you look at the "just buy a second hand car instead" argument - It still doesn't stack up. I guarantee there are lease offers out there that would still beat the maths on a good amount of those. Buying a ten year old car for £4k and claiming you have saved money just isn't correct - there will be repairs, maintenance, you'll need roadside assistance cover, higher tax, higher fuel costs. What if it breaks down - a repair might be 20-30% of the cost of the car at that point, is it worth it to get another 6 months of life before it breaks down again? All said and done after a couple of years you have still spent £6k and need a new car. Or you could have had a brand new one, none of the headache and took the lease.


this post is to let people who are looking for a NEW car know about the deal on this NEW car which there will be plenty hence all the new cars on the road. plenty things posted here that I don't want, or have an interest in, yet I have no inclination to shoot or run down a post because its not for ME. If you WERE looking for a NEW car would this deal be good? sure this is the way to look at it as not everyone likes used cars?


It won't affect anything for 20 years at least. You keep a car you buy for about 5 years anyway. It's too early to think about that yet.

Toyota Aygo Leasing from £89.49 + VAT p/m 48 months admin fee £180 initial rental £809.91 - £6047.33 @ Gateway2lease
Found 3rd Aug 2017Found 3rd Aug 2017
Looks like a nice deal to me as I was searching for Automatic Model. 89.99 + VAT for Persnoal Lease 48 months. No Deposit 8000 miles per annum Driver Maintained Contract 2016 … Read more
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In the vast majoity of cases it is, especially ICE cars like this one.


Not always. The recent Nissan leaf tekna deals were PCP and cheaper than any leaf lease.


Price is incorrect - unless you are a business and not paying the VAT, the total price is £6,227.44 or £129.74/net/month.


Yes - it is.


Is leasing cheaper than PCP?

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 DI-D 3 7 seat lease - 10k miles - 36m - total £264.01 per month / £9504.44 - gateway2lease
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Edit: price increased by £5 per month (previously, and advertised as £258.32 per month / £9299.61), but recent quote noted £5 price increase. Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 DI-D 3 lease… Read more
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Ive got a 1.5 diesel colt automatic. When there's little traffic i get around 40mpg in town. In traffic its 25mpg and if im driving a roads or motorway then i get 60mpg.


Very true. But ive seen 2015 plate outlander with 25k on clock for below 15k which is 7 k more than 3yr lease and you get to keep the car. And if you get a loan they're around 3% fixed compared to the crazy 5+% finance companies offer. Does that sound right?


Do you go above 60? I struggle to get 40!


I get 35mpg on average in mine. Sometimes get above 40 but rarely.


I took out my first ever private lease on a VW tour an last year. I have a brand new touran and over my 2 year lease it will cost me just over £4500. When I looked into buying exactly the same car when you take into confederation the depreciation. The lease wins hands down. Leasing a car works when you are not fussy about the car you are after. As some amazing offers can be found but they get snapped up quickly.

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Audi A6 Saloon 2.0 TDI 190ps S Line Ultra S tronic Lease 10k per year 24 months £7120.44 @ Gateway2lease
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Not bad for a £37k car Good spec too 10k miles per year £7120.44 total for 24 months £296.69 per month including £180 fees Choose personal deal and move 3/6/9 according to your … Read more



People with very low incomes signing contracts like these like pigs, and the debt is packaged up and sold on with a promise of good returns to institutional investors. This is a huge disaster waiting to happen. These cars were never meant for simon living with his mum and working the tills at your local ASDA. Go buy a 10 year old fiesta - because that is your place in life.


Well, after a quick check on Auto Trader... That anyone can do... Looking about 20-21k for 2 years old with 20k ish miles.


I've tried that, but the deal is always a day after you buy it.


any idea how much a 2 year old one of these goes for with 20k on the clock?

Audi A4 Saloon 1.4T sline 150 bhp lease 10k miles p/a.£190 P/M & £1892 initial payment,this includes £180 fee Total over 2 years £6269.30 @ Gateway2lease
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
Price based on solid white or black. delivery September. for a 30k list price car this is got to be one of the cheapest deals to lease it 10k miles p/a This deal has a charge of 9.… Read more
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Does it make a funny crunching noise when it releases? Especially in the morning or after being parked up for ages


Very tempted in this deal and new to leasing, just got below quote for initial rental + 23, solid white and no extra's delivery SEP/OCT Driver maintained quote Initial rental £1,908.94 incl vat Monthly rental £190.60 incl vat Admin fee £180 Total £6,472.74 Excess mileage 8.37ppm Not sure why the price has gone up.


Not very smooth on my 2016 VW Passat.


It's definitely better. I have no gripes about mine. It's just a smooth transition


I had hill hold on my 1994 Subaru, didn't know I had it until sometime in and it was fantastic, worked with the manual handbrake back then too - never needed to use it. Modern cars with electric handbrakes never seemed to pull off the handbrake smoothly - is this better now or just better after you get used to working with it?

Mercedes CLA 180 Coupe 1.6 Sport - £225.88pm +  £2,032.99 upfront + £180 admin at Gateway2lease
Found 26th Oct 2016Found 26th Oct 2016
this website does amazing lease deals car dealers cannot get near, I have posted one example of an amazing deal the Mercedes cla 180 coupe brand new for £2k down and only £225 a mo… Read more
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​potato more like


Is this not £7,408.46 over the two years? Not the £5,571.12 that brought me to this deal...!


Not necessarily an issue - Renault and Mercedes-Benz have been co-operating for years. The latest C-Class also has a Renault derived engine. But this is the much more sophisticated chain cam 1.6DCI, re-engineered by Mercedes with a supercharger instead of a turbocharger.


​Oh great. Buy German, get French! Presumably the "sport" but means it has fog lights and alloy wheels?! They'll put a sport badge on anything these days.


A lovely Renault engine it is too...

Gateway2lease Mercedes E class E220d 2.0 AMG Line Auto 36 months £347.99 3 months deposit 10k a year
Found 7th Oct 2016Found 7th Oct 2016
E220d 2.0 AMG Line Auto for £347.99 per month with 3 month deposit and £180 admin fee - it is a lot but for £347.99 I think you will struggle to find it cheaper. Works out at £372 … Read more

​and that makes it worthy of voting hot? hey lease a NEW car and pay for too much because it's new. some people's kids man. I have a new lease as it happens a 208 gti that was £140 a month so I understsnd lease and the value of such cars. but to spend £13 over three years is just plain crazy. but then you probably rent rather than have a mortgage right?






​ this one?


Co car tax likely to be 20% bik on £40k, so £8k, 40% on that £3200 per year plus loss of car allowance £3k net approx, total of £500 a month approx. Probably actually not much in it after insurance and maintenance added in which you would get with co car

VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI SCR 150 6speed SE Nav Lease £2,400 + 23 - £119.99 (£5339.77 over 24 months) @ Gateway2lease
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
Seems like a fantastic deal for a new Tiguan, decent spec, which is £28k OTR. Only 5k miles but even with allowing for excess miles, it's a great deal for an average of £222 per m… Read more

Wow I want expecting it to be that much. I'm therefore in the same boat as you. No great offers so far I'm afraid :(


Yes I have got through the VW finance directly and they have told me that price is fixed and can't be changed. Have you found any other interesting offers? thanks


That is interesting I phoned up and they said they would not consider an extension, I asked for the price to buy the vehicle and they said contact a month prior to the expiry of the lease. When did you get it and did you go through VW directly ? :) Thanks


Has anyone managed to sort themselves any new deal? As this one is coming to an end and my requested for extension of the hire come back at £276.30 a month!! Joke shop!


Interested in a Tiguan 2.0l but cant find any deals close to this at the moment - is anybody aware of any good current deal? Thanks

Audi A6 Saloon 2.0 TDI 190ps SE lease, 10k miles, 9 + 23 £7475.66 @ Gateway2Lease
Found 31st Jul 2016Found 31st Jul 2016
No idea why it's not on their offers page as it's quite a good one. £2051 initial rental, 23 x £227.99, plus £180 admin fee.… Read more

This is expensive.


should ​in theory. I've only ever seen the price go up by the cost of options. doesn't seem to effect future residual value.


This quote is for solid paint. It's worth noting that choosing metallic paint on a lease car should actually reduce the premium.


That is a good deal


Manual. Automatic versions of these models have S-Tronic in the title.

Infiniti Q30 1.5d Premium 2015 Model Solid Paint £4703.70 over 2 years at Gateway2Lease
Found 14th Jul 2016Found 14th Jul 2016
Premium car with a book price of over £20k, 8,000 miles per annum. Deposit = £935.93 23 Payments of £155.99 = £3,587.77 Administration Fee = £180 Total £4,703.70
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Don't get why this continual argument breaks out over leasing. There's a simple rule: 1) IF you're the sort of person who wants to drive a new car every 2-3 years, then leasing (if the sums in the offer add up) offers an attractive alternative to owning a heavily depreciating asset whilst reducing the hassle of constantly changing cars. 2) IF you're the sort of person who thinks any new cars are a mugs' game due to depreciation, then a well-chosen used cars (e.g. 3yr old) which has undergone the bulk of it's depreciation offers a better alternative - and leasing is never likely to be appealing to you. 3) IF you want to get a new car but drive it for a number of years (e.g. 4 or more) then you're probably better of buying a car and running it for several years - if you look after it then you really start to enjoy savings in years 4-10 as depreciation is much less and you're assured in the knowledge you've a good car as you have looked after it through it's life. You just gotta understand what type of person you are.


Why do people make such a big fuss and vote cold because you have to give the car back? The clue is in the title . If leasing does not suit you then why bother reading any further and then voting cold? Lets assume you love this car and are thinking purchasing it at around £20k, in 2 years time you decide you want to change it , you will probably find as already stated in previous posts that the vehicle will only be worth around £10k, so because you hate leasing you have lost £10k while the person who doesn't care about giving the car back spends £5k for the identical car for the same period. Its not rocket science.


£4K for a car you borrow and only allowed to drive for 2 years???


think you may have missed the joke m8...


Yawn.....£50pw is f**k all and 8K would nearly cover my annual mileage at 10k and easily cover the wife's at 5K. Just where do people drive these days, try walking to the shops and school, or end of the road to post a letter. Don't understand these mileage and lease rants people have.

Ford Fiesta 1.6 ST-2 - 2YR Lease 9+23 TOTAL £4787.66, £143.99PM + £1295.89 + £180 fee £4787.66 @ Gateway2lease
Found 6th Jul 2016Found 6th Jul 2016
Seems a decent lease deal if your interested in the well received fiesta st.
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it's cheaper than I can find the 1. 0 ecoboost


It's just the way it goes on this site sometimes. It's the cheapest 2 year total lease cost on an ST I've ever seen, by some way too.


​Same. Been looking for a deal on this car and this seems the the best around at the moment


any idea why this is cold? seems like a cracking deal to me


Spoke to experian today they actually told me that lenders or anyone who searches you credit report doesn't actually see the number just the report so not sure how they got 900+

Golf R Estate Personal Lease 10k miles p.a, £186.58 per month @ Gateway2Lease
Found 4th Jul 2016Found 4th Jul 2016
Volkswagen Golf Estate 2.0 TSI 300ps R DSG6 4Motion MK7 £186.58 per month with a 10,000 miles per year allowance. Excess mileage 7.2p per mile. £2,400 deposit, £180 admin fee. Re… Read more
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check_your_bank Couldn't post as a new deal, but i got this in the mail today - 400 more than this old deal over the term but best out there at the moment if anyone's looking


I think you'll regret that decision... :) I should really update my profile picture.


All build slots are now gone at these prices so not available anymore.


Can anyone recommend direct deals in Manchester. Should I start with Inchcape?


What selections are people putting in there to get it to show the price the OP quoted?

VW Golf R TSI 300 DSG estate lease/PCH £202pm £6872.40 over 24 months @ gatewaytolease
Found 12th Jun 2016Found 12th Jun 2016
Awesome car at an awesome price. I know many here don't like to lease on this site but not all of us want a 4,5,6,7 year old old car and this works out far cheaper than buying! £… Read more

It's up to you to prove that the car was serviced with the correct parts and fluids as shown on a detailed invoice by whoever did the service. it's important to mention that if you do not service at a franchised dealer you miss out on Technical Service Updates carried out during franchised services. Manufacturers are not expected to trace the keeper of every car for these and if you miss them your warranty might be voided. You also lose any 'goodwill' outside of the warranty. Good luck with what ever you choose to do.


Remember saying this on page 9? No mention of not following schedule, you initially made the statement that VW could bin your warranty for simply not using their dealership network for servicing. I get my R serviced at my local dealership because the service pack makes it as cheap as anywhere else, but if it wasn't i'd go elsewhere - dealership technicians are generally poor mechanics, they're part swappers that don't know what's wrong unless the computer tells it. Dealerships won't give you the Spanish inquisition unless there are obvious signs of neglect/abuse.


Yes also includes unlimited fuel and 24 hour access to a chauffeur


They can. It's happened on many previous occasions even after the Block Exemption rule came into force. They can demand you show evidence that it was done to manufacturer standards with the right parts. Remember you are making the claim on the warranty, not the other way round. I haven't back-pedalled at all. I've always said that a manufacturer WILL void a warranty if they find out you've gone to some random garage that has not followed the correct service procedure and used the correct parts and/or consumables. I've also said that a lease company will have in their T&Cs that you go to a franchise dealer to have it service, as in the end of the day, it's their vehicle and they want to maximise the value of the car when they sell it on.


They cannot legally blanket void the warranty on the whole car because you didn't get it serviced to their specifications, they can only void the warranty for parts of the vehicle affected by your use of non-specified parts even if they can prove you didn't service to their spec - you don't seem able to grasp this fact. Burden of proof always lies with the dealership or UK representative of the marque. It is up to them to prove you didn't do things their way, not the other way around if they were going to try and find a way to not honour the warranty. A failed rear cluster, battery, shocks, paint defect, interior trim, or indeed any part of the car unaffected by the work that should be conducted during the correct service schedule would have it's warranty intact by the letter of the law. Goodwill is a whole other kettle of fish and you really shouldn't bank on goodwill gestures given beyond the warranty unless you did stick with the franchised dealer for all your servicing (and even then it is not guaranteed - they are not obliged to give goodwill, they are only obliged to preserve your statutory rights). Goodwill gestures can be very costly as the goodwill usually extends to a large % of the cost of the parts only, so you'll still end up getting hammered by franchised workshop labour costs of £70-100 per hour. You've been a bit light on facts - you initially claimed that the correct brand franchise had to do the service work to keep your warranty and were shown to be wrong and then back-pedaled rapidly when it was pointed out that you were wrong.

Audi A6 avant 2.0 tdi 190ps black edition stronic business lease 24 months £259.99 p/m, £150 admin fee, Total £7540 @ Gateway2lease
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
Audi A6 avant 2.0 s tronic 190ps black edition Business lease Black or white 2 years £7540 nett 8000 miles per annum 20" alloys Leather Auto
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I thought it was a good deal too, suits certain individuals I guess. I own a business from home, do limited miles but need to collect stock. Great for bikes in boot and general diy. Looks miles better than se trim, sline trim. It was the cheapest I found by far having compared approx 12 leasing companies. Yes it may seem expensive but it a premium car


I think this is a good deal. we have nice idiots smaller audi for everyday but could do with bigger car at weekend when husband home. Really interested in this as we could have matching idiot audis, one for him and her x thanks op


Sure chap, so just because i work from home means im an idiot if i aquire myself a nice vehicle to transport my family about in , even 5k miles is fine for me, and during those 5k i want to have a nice comfortable , reliable, environment to do so in - just because i dont spend most of my day sat stuck in traffic or zooming up and down motorways means im not entitled to such , doesn't it? You are just annoyed you have to pay more for your mileage, but only an idiot would believe that was anything but logical.


No, still way too many assumptions. None of it fact. BTW yes it is a crap deal, but not for the reasons you assume.


​If read your own comment, you will see that you were slandering others by refering to them as "idiots" for wanting to have a particular brand of car on their driveway. I highly doubt you have anything better to do with your time.

Volvo cx60 £239 p/m 36 months, £150 + vat admin fee, Total £2159.89 @
Found 26th May 2016Found 26th May 2016
Just seen this and seems a lot of car for the money!! Nav Start+Stop 2016 Model, Doors, Solid Paint 36 month contract term 8,000 miles per annum Initial rental - 9 rental(s) in mo… Read more
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it's an xc60 not cx60 change the title misleading


Not that great when you actually add it all up :(


Did a little digging, 32k ish new (maybe 30k with a broker) current 3 year old D4 (190) R-Design with less than 25,000 miles around 20k. Is it a deal, well it is tight, as I have said before if you are paying more than what the car will depreciate by over the period of the rental than no it's not a deal if you pay less than hell yeh! In this case it's about the same so is it a hot deal er no as there are much better options out there for your money! MM


£33,960 list price. These keep their value quite well, still looking at around £23-25k. Volvo XC60's are rarely seen on lease this cheap per month and initial payment. If I wasn't midway through a 2 year lease (VW Tiguan which is absolutely fantastic) I would snap this up. Have a thing for Volvos lol!



Skoda Yeti 5 Door 2.0 TDI SCR 150 personal lease - 24 mth - deposit £600.48 - Fees £180 - £100.08 p/m - Total £3182.40 @ Gateway2lease
Found 25th May 2016Found 25th May 2016
Skoda Yeti Estate 2.0 TDI SCR 150 Monte Carlo 4X4 DSG 24 month lease @ £100.08 per month 6 month deposit of £600.48 Estimated fees of £180 (not obvious on website) Total cost of £… Read more
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So, my car (yeti Monte Carlo 1.2 tsi dsg) for a back next week. They offered to sell it to me for £12800 a month or so ago. Anyone else get a price to keep theirs?


Great car. I see why owners love them so much. It' no ball of fire but very relaxing to drive with the dsg box. I'd like another auto as can't be bothered changing gears anymore. There's a deal on here at the mo for a Seat Ateca which is the same car nigh on as the Yeti replacement . It's manual though.


Nothing as yet, how was your Yeti?


Old thread I know, but anyone who took one of these started looking for a replacement yet?


Good job!