Gaymers Original Cider 12 x 440ml Cans Only £5 @ Asda INSTORE!

Gaymers Original Cider 12 x 440ml Cans Only £5 @ Asda INSTORE!

Found 12th Jun 2009
Theres a big ad on p.12 of todays Daily Mirror - this weekend only Asda are selling a box of 12 cans (440ml) of Gaymers Original Cider for £5. Not online - only available instore. It says offer available from 8am Friday 12th June - Monday 15th June :).
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Damn! I went last night and got 12 cans of Magners as i was dying for some ice cool Cider, now you go and post this. How dare you!

Lol just kidding gutted that i missed out on that deal. Voted hot.
Ooh, and I've just run out from the 3 packs for £20 in Tesco last week too. Will go at lunch
This stuff isn't very nice. Recommend you spend a bit more for Bulmers or Magners.
Don't really rate Magners, tastes pretty bland. Nice enough drink but nothing to shout about, never worked out how they can justify the price.
None left in Bromsgrove store ................... maybe because i had them all yesterday !!
picked up the last pack in my local last night. After drinking a can im glad i never got more as its not the best as would rather pay a bit more for magners,bulmers,koppaberg as its a nicer tasting cider.

Gaymers isnt bad if u have no drinks in but if u have others u will drink them first and leave the gaymers till last
Scrumpy Jack.
Its alright for £5. Picked a few boxes up for when guests come round.
Good deal voted hot. Off to get some now.
Prefer Bulmers, but Gaymers is ok.

Voted hot as the deal is good, however, I always find that cider tastes a bit strange out of cans
Couldn't see any at all in our store in Nuneaton
It is a hot deal and I voted so, but I wouldnt buy it, horrible stuff, do yourselves a favour and try a cider that is actually made with apples, this stuff must be made with mainly glucose syrup
suppose you could use it to make snakies
Agreed !Snakebite and black with a 4:20 ciggie on the side
Magners is the only decent manufactured cider (and scrumpy jack)
heat though dude .
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