Gba Micro Silver ---£31.49

Gba Micro Silver ---£31.49

Found 28th Mar 2007
I would of posted the Best10 code here but now i seems it doesnt work anymore

You get some quiddy back on this

But its really a neat little system

I got one a couple of months back and its excellent --- the screen is perfect and easy to hold


Great product at a great price.:thumbsup:

Its £30 at comet, but in-store only if they have stock :thumbsup:

Good price for this handheld. I have a PSP, but there is room for one of these as well
Sick of waiting for easy solutions for SNES emu on PSP, so this will be great for retro gaming.


Good price, thanks dandoc2 :thumbsup:


Its £30 at comet, but in-store only if they have stock :thumbsup:

same at currys, its on clearance...

i bought mine from comet.....

I love the fact this is still outselling the PS3 in America!

It's a shame the ]Famicom style one never made it to the UK (as far as I know). I'd pick that one up for £30 in a jiffy.
£50, while not too bad, is just a little bit too much since I've already got a DS. The Micro is great though because it's really really portable.
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