Gbp 13.99 - Karrimore Shoes D30 £13.99 @ SportsDirect

Gbp 13.99 - Karrimore Shoes D30 £13.99 @ SportsDirect

Found 30th Dec 2015
original price: GBP 139.99. popped into SD glasgow and saw this deal. 90% off these nice shoes. bought instantly.
Not sure if the deal is nationwide.

it is this I bought from store for 13.99 ->‌…401

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sport direct own make, awfull

Original price £139.99! That's ridiculous!


sport direct own make, awfull

Sports direct own a lot of the manufacturers. Rebook etc etc

Sports direct buy a brand name and then put the name on rubbish. No deal here.

Sports Direct own the Karrimor brand which is why the staff push you towards them. Reebok is owned by Adidas not Sports Direct.

You will notice that all Karrimor products carry ridiculous sounding savings but you'd be hard pressed to find them ever being sold at the alleged RRP.

lmao £140 rrp best joke all day!!

Not my cup of tea but for £13.99 are they really that bad?

Be careful on sizes, I ordered for me and my daughter and both did not fit. Took them to a store to change and have the same shoe, just in a different size and then wanted to change me about an extra £35 for both the same shoes. Avoid and go to the Reebok sale instead online shoes for about £19 and great quality. Posted on Hot Uk deals.

i tried a pair on other day and they were uncomfy did get good eals on clothing stores seem to be getting new stock each day with 80% off.

im usually a 9 tried 9.5 still tight btw

The staff claim they are as good as Asics, which imo is BS. Asics are a great brand.

Karrimore were a good brand before being taken over by Sports Direct.

rubbish.dont buy

they are showing as £59.99 now hahahahaha not even worth £9.99.


Sports direct own a lot of the manufacturers. Rebook etc etc

Another crappy Sportsdirect "deal"

They own the clothing brand names for Karrimore, Dunlop, Gelert, Firetrap, Lonsdale, Donnay, Everlast, LA Gear, Kangeroo Poo, No Fear, Hot Tuna, Slazenger, Pierre Cardin, Muddyfox etc

They don't own these as manufacturers, they simply put these brand names on generic rubbish turned out in China

I have a pair for power walking they are fine. Did get a size bigger as staff at Speke store did advise of the sizing issue. Ive paid £70 for lacoste and £60 for k-swiss and Adidas before today and they've all fell apart within months - nothings made to last so these are worth the money if its not everyday use/wear


Went to Sports Direct today and tried these. My size was far too small and the next size up was still tight on me. There is absolutely no consistency with Karrimor shoe sizing

To be fair the new Karrimor Elite clothing range has actually been very good in my opinion

Of course you get what you pay for, but find another pair of trainers for under 15 quid. Even primani sh1t ones are about 20 quid
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