[GC/Wii] F-Zero GX
[GC/Wii] F-Zero GX

[GC/Wii] F-Zero GX

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The Future of Racing! Race for glory in the Grand Prix cups, speed through an incredible storyline as Captain Falcon, take on up to three friends, build and customize your own machine, challenge your time ghosts, and much more!

30 Pilots, 20 courses, ONE Champion.

Be ready to race for the long haul with 20 sprawling courses and more than 30 pilots to choose from.
Hunt for turbo boosts at mind-boggling speeds as Captain Falcon and the universe's racing elite battle through obstacle-studded straight-aways, along the inside and outside of pipes, and over massive jumps.
Compete in races that span many familiar F-Zero modes, like Grand Prix, Time Attack and Vs. Play through a new Story mode, where you follow Captain Falcon as he races through missions and completes various challenges.
Use the points you win in races to buy parts and build your own speeder in Custom mode.
Take your Memory Card to the arcade and you can link to the upcoming F-Zero AX arcade game to race your custom machine, earn new parts, and unlock bonus features!


Brilliant game, Brilliant price.

Yeah except it won't let you add to basket Same with WWE game. Strange but I think this has expired already

Argh yeah seems to be a problem when you try to buy.

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I have deleted cookies and my basket is still empty.
Occasionally customers click the Buy or Preorder buttons on site only to discover their shopping basket is empty. Having worked with customers to resolve this issue, we now know of several reasons for such an occurrence.
The first issue is that of customers running privacy software that disables cookies. The solution here is to go through the settings for the privacy software and change the settings to allow cookies for the ".game.co.uk" domain. This will continue to block other cookies but allow the GAME Shopping Basket to work.
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[*]Open Internet Explorer and try shopping on the GAME site again.[/LIST] This should allow you to shop on the GAME site succesfully.

I still cannot shop on the GAME site.

Several customers have reported that trying an alternative browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer solved their problems. The Mozilla FireFox browser is a new and popular alternative to Internet Explorer and the GAME site has been fully tested to ensure it works with FireFox. It can be downloaded at: ] http//ww…ox/.
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Games that are not available anymore cannot be added to the basket! This has nothing to do with the cookies or what browser you use.
When you click on "Add to basket", the Game website checks the database to see if the product is available, if not it gives you the error message: "Your basket is empty". The item is not listed on the site anymore (game.co.uk/Ato…=7), so this and the other game should be marked expired.

Thanks for the info alien7
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