[GC/Wii] Serious Sam

[GC/Wii] Serious Sam

Found 4th Mar 2007
This is available!

An abandoned mothership of Sirian origin is sending strange signals from the past, and there's only one man with the guns big enough to travel back in time and investigate Serious Sam, If Mental's mutated forces get to this powerful time-travelling artefact before Sam, it's last call for humanity!

This is serious.

Over 40 vibrant levels spread across three ancient periods.
Huge arsenal of weapons for use against Mental's minions.
Get behind the wheel of some serious vehicles to run down your opponents!
Multiplayer allows you to play together with a friend or against enemies in deathmatch!


This one works! Thanks OVERLORD

Yep, this one is available. Thanks, voted +

This game has been available on the site since October. I know this cos I brought a WWE: DoR2 for a fiver and also DS: Mario mix for a tenner.

Had to pay P+P back then though:-(
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