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Gdansk for 2 nights, flight & hotel £116 (£58pp) via Holiday Pirates
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Gdansk for 2 nights, flight & hotel £116 (£58pp) via Holiday Pirates

Posted 14th Jul

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems a good price. 14 to 16 of October this year. London departure.
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Thdansk for posting
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Thdansk for posting
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A great city to visit and also a good time of year to go.
By their very nature, package options bundle things and the middle man profits. Putting together flights and a hotel room isn't exactly a complicated thing and paying a premium not to do it yourself seems silly to me. Thus, this seems like a rip-off. The "deal" doesn't include priority boarding or a hold bag with Wizz, so 2 adults get £18 worth of flights each (£8.99 each way) and a hotel room. It's more understandable for couples if you want that pool. For solo travellers, you'd effectively be paying £75 for a hotel as it's £93 solo.

A cursory look at booking sites shows a well-rated hostel offering a private, double room for £47 total for the stay, or £15 for a more traditional hostel room. Aka, a bunk bed. For couples not wanting that pool, a double room at a different hostel is available for £34 for the duration of the stay. That's £17 each. With the flights, book it yourself for £35 each, not £58

Additionally, if you book it yourself you'd notice that the return flights are £8.99 each up until the 19th. Thus, you could choose cheaper accommodation and have a longer trip, if you so desired.

We do want bargains, don't we? Don't pay a third party and be entirely reliant upon them.
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Plus it's nearly always Monday to Wednesday .. Far better pay more and go Weekend as its a far better vibe . Gdansk is only small and has a few decent bar cafes which get busy at weekends .
Gdansk is a very lovely City. If you can afford for to stay for a few days more than the deal here then try and add an extra day or two. The City is quite compact but there is plenty to see in the centre and around and about. If you can then please grab a copy of the 'In Your Pocket Guide' - for Gdansk. In fact these guides are pretty good for any City if they have done one for where you are going. Try here - inyourpocket.com/dat…nsk - you can scroll down and choose to download the pdf version. As a hint you can put any email address in and it allows you to download it but to be honest you don't get any spam anyway if you use your proper one.

The City, like I said, is small and easy to get around on foot. Up the coast is Sopot and Gydnia which are quite quaint and worth a short train ride to. Make sure you validate your ticket before you board the train though. May not be as nice at this time of year than the summer but still worth a quick train ride out to.

Further inland is Malbork Castle which is a pretty amazing place and again only a short train ride. Rich in history as recent as WW2 when the Germans tried to hold out and got bombarded from as far away as the coast by Russian warships.

Food is great and very reasonably priced if you are happy to move off the two or three tourist trap streets. If you want to grab a beer and bite to eat that is quite central then try this place - centralhotelgdansk.pl/en/…ges - it has it's own brewery and the food was excellent.

As you may guess I really love this place and would advise you to go given half a chance.
Love Gdansk, I went for the first time last year and was an amazing city break away. We also went to Sopot - BEST Food I've ever had was at a place called Whiskey on the Rocks. Incredible Steak & Drinks.
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