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2 For 1 Tuesday (Buy any Main and get a second main FREE) @ German Doner Kebab

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Back by Popular Demand!
2FOR1 Tuesday has returned to German Doner Kebab!
Buy any Main and get a second main FREE!
Now available every Tuesday from 7th March.
*Not valid with any other discount, incl. meal deal.
Available for dine-in and takeaway only.
German Doner Kebab More details at German Doner Kebab
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  1. AOT's avatar
    It's a trap! Summer 6 pack is within reach brothers! Say no to kebabs and yes to washboard abs!
    manoj123's avatar
    'Doner Gym Box' for you lot.
  2. COOLPERSON's avatar
    Offer popped up on Instagram (haven't seen it online so not sure if it's actually on, I suppose we'll find out). Back by popular demand, buy any main and get a second main free.

    Valid every tuesday from 7th March for dine-in and takeaway, not valid with any other discount, incl. meal deal.
    AliAsim's avatar
    It's true, I'm working in German donner
  3. juzagirl's avatar
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    These are the mains seen on the PDF available on their site:49713679-LzIVb.jpgLink to the menu - germandonerkebab.com/ima…pdf (edited)
  4. bigpappa's avatar
    I suppose this wouldn't work on Feed the Fam XL for £40 - making it £20.
    Stephen_petrou's avatar
    No, because it's not half price, it's buy one main and get the second free
  5. ACEACE's avatar
    Honestly people "It's buy one main and get a second main free" how hard is it to understand...
    pourandfeed's avatar
    I don't understand. Is this something to do with "main" meaning hand in French?
  6. Parappathepappa's avatar
    "Donor" kebab? So we finally reached the 'Soylent Green' stage of society then. Next up - 'The Road'.
    Spiritjambo's avatar
    Soylent Green!
    Are the Kebab shops built next to care homes?
    Mind you it's still a tasty kebab. (edited)
  7. vulcanproject's avatar
    Gotta say the boxes they do are pretty tasty junk food
  8. Gollywood's avatar
    Thanks for posting
  9. Daz14's avatar
  10. Sylar2023's avatar
    Most expensive items you can get? And can you get duplicate items?
  11. canttouchthis's avatar
    To take advantage of this do you HAVE to buy other items from them like sides, drinks and sauces? Or do I simply order 2 mains and take away.
    Azboy's avatar
    Two mains & sit in or take away, Id take home so don't have to pay extortionate prices for drinks. Two kebabs for £7 is a bargain considering quality is 100 times better than horrid, greasy kebab shop donners.
  12. Az-zee-A's avatar
    so, this starts today?
  13. sa555's avatar
    Any recommendations for best tasting meals?😋
  14. weswart's avatar
    There maybe some good branches but 2 of 3 I went to offered an abysmal amount of meat. I would rather pay double and get 2 or 3 times the meat in my ungreasy local. If you complain about the the amount of meat to head office they say sorry and we hope to see you again. In my mind it was see you next tuesday of a different kind! they get the orders wrong frequently. I am going to iceland to try their kebab meat and DIY it.
  15. KayJay89's avatar
    Is it working?
  16. lucas's avatar
    The only time me and my wife go is when this is on. Far better local kebaby’s for the prices GDK charge for a single
  17. adamnsu's avatar
    I might take a bite at this offer.
  18. slickster25's avatar
    Delicious. Not quite Berlin levels but decent!!
  19. markyo007's avatar
    Why is this being posted as a HUKD? It states this is in Germany.
  20. markyo007's avatar

    Is the same happening to you? (edited)
    CENTRALPERKS's avatar
    Mine is in the Czechoslovak language. Weird!
  21. smallandsweet's avatar
    Says no offers at the moment when I click through?
    Phoned local branch went to voicemail.
  22. TommyWan's avatar
    End of the deal?
  23. Ise2rasused's avatar
    Not working
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