Ge Gu10 7W Energy Saving Lightbulb 6Yrs £1.25 each (Plus min £3.00 delivery) TESCO.COM

Ge Gu10 7W Energy Saving Lightbulb 6Yrs £1.25 each (Plus min £3.00 delivery) TESCO.COM

Found 25th Apr 2011
As title. There is no image on the site so I think these are the larger units. Ten of these in a medium size room are quite bright and will suffice (already have these in another room, if they are the low energy and not the LED's).

NB: ten maximum order.


Worth noting that these tend to longer than standard GU10 units, and can stick out of the fitment.

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Thanks kindly, hope someone benefits, they arent bad lights if they fit!!

I'm gutted. Bought a dozen of these at £5 each just a couple of months ago. Hot from me!


Hot but less hot if you know what I mean;-) save the planet, mix and match with the LED ones if you want instant light:-…615

the badger - Apr 25, 2011 20:40oos

They never have much stock in the stores of these, it took us 3 visits to get the 12 er needed for a friends shop 2 years ago when they reduced to £2.50.

Unfortunately NONE in my store for delivery:
"Sorry, this product is currently unavailable."

Also as its a grocery spend unless I'm mistaken isn't there a minimum spend?

Bought two of these recently at the reduced price. I found them quite dim and even at the reduced price I would not recommend them. Until the technology and price gets better, I would stick with the 50 watt standard version. Voting cold. Sorry!!!

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These are the larger size and 90 lumen. Installed 10 today nearly instant light and ony 15- 20% decrease in intensity. Well pleased and would recommend highly, if anyone is still listening..(_;)
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