GE LED GU10  4W - £4 @ Tesco (Instore)

GE LED GU10 4W - £4 @ Tesco (Instore)

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Found 1st Apr 2011
Went to Tesco Redditch today & saw they are selling LED GU10 4W bulbs for £4 each.

If you are popping in it might be worth a buy. Cheap as ebay at least.

Equals 20W so not the brightest bulbs. More a soft light spot but a bargain none the less.


You really need the smd LED bulbs which are available online or on Ebay. We have been using some 60 LED SMDs I bought from Hong Kong via Ebay and they are not quite as bright as the 50w originals but they are pretty close.

The warm white are the best option IMO as the others have a blue colour to the light.

They were £4.39 each delivered.
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post a link then

iv tried lots of these bulbs
personally is day day white is better than the warm white, found warm white a bit too orangey

also worth adding is that none of these bulbs can replace a traditional flourescent tube light in terms of lumen light output, for instance i put 15 of these leds in my kitchen and they still couldnt give the same light output as a flourecent tube light so i ripped em all out and now using flourescent lighting in kitchen - and trust me in the the kitchen you need it bright

led lighting is all good but still has some way to go

these led bulbs are still in there infancy

These are now £2.50 instore, i bought some yesterday to try em, they're excellent!!

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